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* Recent Topics

Today at 02:24:02 AM by iam_misshennessy
Views: 72 | Comments: 5

I'm looking for a FREE image hosting site. But not just one to upload photos. Receiving a url code is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Photobucket no longer offers that. It costs $5 now *rolls eyes* all I can do for free is upload photos to their website, but that's literally all that I can do. I really need urls for images. Not only for here but I'm also building a new role playing site and I like to have pictures on the boards to give people a better idea of what the specific location looks. It's driving me insane that I can't do that and I feel like I can't open the site until that's done *sighs* I guess I'm being picky but still...

Plus, I reeeeally want to post some photos here! Both in the BRAG ARENA and also here in OFF TOPIC, whe...
Fizzy Scrumptious
Today at 02:00:50 AM by Fizzy Scrumptious
Views: 60 | Comments: 2

I recently made another OC custom named Sunbeau! The name plays off the tradition Hasbro has of ending pony names with "belle". His colors are supposed to be darker, but I'm just working with what I have on hand atm so he's more pastel than I originally designed him ^.^

Here's how he started out. The fakie's tail was rooted really strangely, in a spiral to suggest a full tail without having that much hair.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Here's Sunbeau all done!

[img width=600 height=546]
Today at 12:31:29 AM by iam_misshennessy
Views: 28 | Comments: 0

I'm basically interested in anyone that fits my below criteria that I don't have. I've included a list of who I have to make it easy. Basically, if I don't have them listed, and they meet my criteria listed directly below, then I probably want them! As long as the price is good, of course.

I'm mostly interested in lots,
but I will consider single ponies if the price is great!

- G1 only
- NO flutter ponies or sister ponies
- NO ponies with haircuts
- NO ponies with major body or hair color fading
- NO ponies with severely faded or ruined cutie marks
- NO ponies with names written across them anywhere
(initials on the BOTTOM of hooves consider...
Today at 12:08:30 AM by iam_misshennessy
Views: 36 | Comments: 0

Hi there, everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I currently sell on Mercari and Offerup, but I'm willing to take a look at additional selling websites to keep shipping costs and site fees as low as possible. We can also sell privately without an app/site. PRICES LISTED ARE IF SOLD PRIVATELY. Price may increase slightly based on site fees if you would prefer the safety of that route.

My items for sale are sold as is and there are no returns. I do my best to show any errors in the photos I include, but also in the description. It's YOUR job to inspect BOTH the description and also ALL of the pictures included with every item. If it isn't answered or you don't fully understand it, and you have a question, ...
Yesterday at 09:10:39 PM by Griffin
Views: 34 | Comments: 0

I spotted these today at my local supermarket, at least I think they were the Roadtrip ones ( We get so few new ponies here, I wasn't even familiar with these until now.

I was intrigued by the hard plastic, I wonder what they would be like to customise? How are their heads attached and would it be difficult to rehair them because of the hard plastic...? Has anyone worked with these before, or ponies made of similar material? They were pretty expensive to be used as custom baits so I didn't get one but I might go back... They had Fluttershy and Rarity at least, and maybe Pinkie Pie.
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