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Forums » Pony Talk » Brag Arena » woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*
woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*
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Author Message
Trader Support Mod

Joined: Jan 10, 2009
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Location: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!!

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

*Jumps up and down and hugs everyone in sight* I'm so excited!!! Energetic Energetic Energetic Energetic This is it! the most awesome brag for me ever! and its all cos of you amazing pony peeps here at the arena! *big huge pony hugs!* wow I completed sets, I sorted my accessories... and I got a certain pony I didnt think I could own Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony This has taken since december to put together and if you loved parts 1-4 you're gonna like this (I hope) . As usual this its Extremely pic heavy and includes a picfic showing ponies and playsets I got too Wink This is to say thanks soooooo much to all of you here who helped me find some of the most wonderful ponies and playsets and to all of you who like my picfics.
This is for you Flirty Pony (credits at the end hehe! I wont forget anyone this time)

Firts up :sets completed.
jewellery babies
This is one of my fave sets and its been a real toughie to complete but it sure was worth it! arent they adorable?!
finally%20sorted%20the%20accessories%20for%20this.%20I%20love%20this%20playset! I%20also%20got%20these%20:happy:%20I%20love%20them%20all%20sooooo%20much!%20:lovey:%20 but%20there's%20one%20pony%20some%20of%20you%20have%20been%20asking%20to%20see%20since%20i%20won%20her...%20;)%20to%20celebrate%20her%20arrival%20here's%20her%20story%20(and%20I%20wanna%20show%20off%20some%20other%20awesome%20playsets%20and%20accessories%20here%20too%20-%20see%20what%20you%20can%20spot%20:P%20)%20If%20you%20love%20this%20long%20haired%20beauty%20then%20you'll%20love%20this...if%20you%20dont%20really%20like%20her%20theres%20some%20parts%20of%20the%20story%20you'll%20like%20too%20I%20hope%20%20:silly:%20%20:lovey:%20 grab%20your%20cup%20of%20tea%20(or%20something%20stronger%20:P%20)%20and%20take%20a%20look%20at%20part%205-%20I%20hope%20you%20enjoy%20this%20as%20much%20as%20I%20did%20:happy:%20 *ramble%20ramble%20here's%20the%20background%20* 20%20years%20ago%20there%20was%20born%20to%20the%20king%20and%20Queen%20of%20BrushnGrow%20land%20(C+R)%205%20children,%20their%20first%20children...%202%20boys%20and%203%20girls.%20They%20were%20all%20beautiful%20children%20and%20much%20loved%20by%20their%20parents%20but%20one%20did%20not%20look%20like%20her%20brothers%20and%20sisters...and%20much%20to%20her%20own%20disappointment%20she%20followed%20her%20grandma%20and%20her%20dads%20aunts%20looks%20and%20didnt%20look%20like%20her%20beautiful%20mother.%20Her%20name%20was%20Rapunzel%20and%20she%20was%20a%20brat.%20 Ringlets:%20\"Punzie%20do%20you%20want%20to%20help%20me%20arrange%20the%20flowers%20for%20the%20parade%20tomorrow?%20i%20can%20do%20your%20hair%20for%20you%20too%20%20:lovey:%20%20\" %20 Punzie%20%20%20:jealous:%20%20[code]No%20way!%20I'm%20sick%20of%20being%20stuck%20here%20with%20you%20and%20dad%20and%20those%20kids!%20I%20wanna%20go%20clubbing%20and%20shopping!%20I'm%20not%20being%20locked%20up%20here%20forever!%20you%20wont%20even%20let%20me%20have%20a%20boyfriend%20:flaming:%20 When%20she%20was%20old%20enough%20she%20took%20her%20allowance%20and%20left%20for%20the%20capital%20city.%20Her%20parents%20had%20to%20let%20her%20go%20but%20they%20gave%20her%20an%20allowance%20so%20she%20could%20get%20a%20place%20of%20her%20own...%20she%20became%20a%20stuck%20up%20jealous%20diva%20who%20flashed%20her%20cash%20to%20get%20what%20she%20wanted.%20surrounded%20by%20\"friends\"%20and%20boys%20Punzie%20thought%20she%20had%20finally%20become%20more%20popular%20than%20anyone%20else until%20one%20day%20she%20totally%20disappeared%20from%20society...%20Her%20parents%20did%20everything%20they%20could%20to%20find%20her%20but%20no-one%20knew%20what%20had%20happened%20for%20a%20long%20time...til%20%20recently.... It%20was%20very%20early%20in%20the%20morning%20at%20Silverbells%20Manor%20and%20a%20certain%20couple%20were%20enjoying%20some%20time%20together%20before%20the%20kids%20wake%20up.. Ringlets:%20what%20was%20that?%20do%20you%20hear%20something? Chief%20:oh%20no!%20Sounds%20like%20Denim%20Blue%20is%20up%20already.%20What%20is%20she%20up%20to%20now%20*sigh* Denim:%20Moooooooommmmm!!%20Daaaaaad!%20wake%20up!!!%20you%20gotta%20see%20this!!%20:whoa:%20 Punzie:%20Mom!!!!%20dad!%20 Ringlets:%20Punzie!%20You're%20alright!%20I%20was%20so%20worried%20about%20you%20*cries* Punzie:%20mom%20I'm%20soooo%20sorry%20for%20how%20nasty%20i%20was%20*cries*%20can%20you%20please%20forgive%20me?%20I%20want%20us%20to%20be%20a%20family%20again.%20i%20love%20you%20so%20much%20:hug:%20 of%20course%20everyone%20was%20happy%20to%20be%20together%20again%20and%20everyone%20wanted%20to%20see%20Punzie%20and%20her%20family.%20even%20the%20Grandmas%20and%20great%20aunt%20sweet%20clover%20showed%20up Denim:%20You%20sure%20have%20been%20gone%20a%20long%20time%20but%20some%20things%20around%20here%20havent%20changed%20*glances%20at%20parents*%20;) Everyone%20wanted%20to%20know%20what%20had%20happened%20to%20Punzie%20to%20make%20her%20sooooo%20different%20now....%20%20:what::%20 Here's%20what%20happened%20;) Fifi:%20Quick!%20get%20the%20salon%20ready!%20she'll%20be%20here%20any%20minute%20ugh%20she's%20such%20a%20brat! Punzie:You'd%20better%20get%20it%20right%20this%20time%20or%20I'll%20have%20your%20salon%20closed%20down!%20hey%20afro%20girl!%20I%20give%20me%20that%20perfume%20-%20I%20want%20it%20all!%20i'll%20take%20the%20make-up..hmm%20and%20whatever%20Cha%20cha%20wants%20too.%20Hurry%20up!%20hey%20get%20on%20with%20it%20-dont%20you%20know%20you%20shouldnt%20interrupt%20me%20when%20I'm%20talking?! Now%20whats%20the%20problem%20loser? Red%20Roses:%20I'm%20sorry%20princess..but%20your%20credit%20ran%20out.%20We%20cant%20accept%20your%20card%20and%20I%20have%20orders%20to%20cut%20it%20up!%20:silly:%20%20*Snip,%20giggle*%20:devious:%20 If%20you%20dont%20have%20money%20you're%20not%20welcome%20in%20this%20salon! Cha%20Cha:%20Eww%20You're%20broke%20Punzie?!%20I'm%20outta%20here%20:yikes:%20 so%20punzie%20was%20left%20with%20no%20money,%20no%20friends,%20no%20home%20and%20a%20fast%20spreading%20rumour%20of%20her%20situation...%20she%20did%20the%20only%20thing%20she%20thought%20she%20could%20do...%20run%20away. 4speed:%20Hey!%20what%20are%20you%20doin'%20sleepin'%20rough%20on%20my%20land!%20 4Speed:%20You're%20gonna%20have%20to%20pay%20to%20camp%20out%20here%20like%20anyone%20else.%20come%20on%20I%20got%20a%20job%20for%20you Punzie:%20What!?%20how%20dare%20you%20speak%20to%20me%20like%20that?%20Dont%20you%20know%20who%20I%20am? 4Speed%20:%20yeah%20I%20know%20who%20you%20are,%20and%20I%20know%20you're%20broke%20and%20on%20my%20land%20and%20I%20dont%20think%20you've%20seen%20a%20hair%20brush%20in%20a%20month!%20If%20you%20wanna%20make%20some%20cash%20and%20turn%20you're%20life%20around%20then%20sht%20up%20and%20come%20on..or%20you%20could%20just%20stay%20here%20and%20let%20that%20bird%20nest%20in%20your%20tail?... Punzie:%20Arrrgghh!!%20:whoa:%20%20eeeuuww!!%20ok%20ok%20what%20do%20you%20want%20me%20to%20do?%20but%20you%20have%20to%20keep%20quiet%20about%20this! 4Speed:%20hehe!%20%20:devious:%20 but%20after%20some%20hard%20work%20and%20lots%20of%20quarrelling..something%20happened and%20Punzie%20learned%20to%20be%20a%20much%20better%20person%20and%20found%20someone%20who%20loved%20her%20for%20who%20she%20became%20and%20not%20for%20her%20title%20or%20money.%20They%20lived%20and%20worked%20happily%20at%20the%20cafe/%20truckstop%20for%20a%20few%20years..%20but%20she%20was%20upset%20at%20the%20way%20she%20treated%20her%20parents%20and%20eventually%20found%20the%20courage%20to%20go%20home. Ringlets:%20Oh%20my%20goodness%20Punzie!%20I'm%20sooo%20happy%20to%20have%20you%20back%20and%20that%20you%20found%20someone..%20but%20why%20didnt%20you%20come%20home%20sooner? Punzie:%20I%20was%20jealous%20of%20you%20-%20you're%20so%20pretty%20and%20I%20looked%20like%20dads%20dizzy%20aunt%20sweet%20Clover%20instead%20:(%20I%20thought%20you%20didnt%20want%20me%20to%20be%20popular%20or%20have%20any%20fun..I%20thought%20you%20named%20me%20Rapunzel%20cos%20you%20were%20gonna%20keep%20me%20locked%20up%20here%20forever Ringlets:%20Oh%20honey!%20If%20only%20we'd%20talked%20more%20-I%20always%20loved%20you%20-and%20I%20wanted%20to%20protect%20you.%20we%20named%20you%20Rapunzel%20after%20my%20own%20life%20story%20-%20I%20think%20its%20time%20to%20tell%20you%20about%20how%20me%20and%20your%20dad%20got%20together... so%20all%20misunderstandings%20were%20cleared%20up%20and%20the%20family%20was%20happy%20again .%20There%20was%20a%20lot%20of%20catching%20up%20to%20do%20 but...Punzie%20didnt%20want%20to%20be%20a%20Diva%20princess%20again%20and%20she%20kinda%20missed%20serving%20food%20at%20the%20truckstop%20cafe...%20so%20she%20and%204speed%20got%20new%20jobs%20working%20on%20thr%20BNG%20Royal%20family%20private%20jet%20:P Dont%20you%20just%20love%20happy%20endings?%20;)

Flirty Pony The end. Flirty Pony

hehe *taps screen* hey!! wake up Silly wow that was longer than i thought (I always say that dont i?!)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my picfic as much as I enjoyed taking the photos Happy Pony I got sooooo much of these gorgeous things from the amazing people here YAY! - Special thanks to:
Glacia471, WhispersOfTheWind, Asuka, Parasol, Potatomonkeys, SweetieBabyFizzy, WishIMight, ChipsteRJ, Dulci, Collector1, Partypony566, Lunaroak, Ponylady, RainbowWindy, Rhys, The_Loner, honeyblossom, Shelti, tuneful87/Oneleo and an extra special thanks to ebmerc for inspiration on the story Wink
Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony

thanks so much for reading this Smile

[stickied 15/03/10 - kiwimlp Smile ]
unstickied 18/03/10


heart Wanted* ILuvTheArenaBrag3*Brag/picfic4 Yay!Brag/picfic5 For sale heart
glittery heart Smile I'm Ringlets, Trader Support Moderator Smile heart glittery

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MOC Mimic

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Aww!!! How awesome!!! I think Punzi's story was my fav part!!! But what is Ringlets and Chiefs story. People wanna know.

I loved it and all those complete sets. WoW!!!! Is all I got to say!!!

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SHII Pimp - Elusive boy collector

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Whew, look at all those pics! Congrats!

I know your Red Roses is not new, but I loved her pics best! She is gorgeous in braids!

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Stacktoy Goddess

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

I wish I had all that room to play!

Congrats on all those wonderful sets!

Want list - 2011 Acquisitions - Accessories - Ponydex - Classifieds updated 2012

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MOC Mimic

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Your ponies are gorgeous! I loved the story too! Smile

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Intros and Brags Mod

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Oh wow, so many beautiful ponies that I don't even know where to begin! The Jewellery babies look gorgeous, I'd love to own that set one day. I enjoyed seeing your play sets too. On a side note, I've seen brags you have posted before and I can't help but admire the crystal brandy balloons in the back ground Smile


Want list:
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Rapunzel Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

oh major congrats to you Happy I love your stories <3
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Colorswirl Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Wow its all I can say!
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Mommy & Baby Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hu

Energetic Happy Pony Energetic Happy Pony What a great story!!! Happy I love your picfics!!! Energetic Major congrats on all your new ponies and playsets!! Happy
The Jewellery Babies look so beautiful with those flowers in their hair! heart And Chocolate Delight looks really cute with that hairdo. And it looks like the Rockin' Beats just flew in Wink
What's the name of that white pony with a crown on a pillow as her body marking? Let me guess she's one of Chief and Ringlets' children? Wink
All your ponies look so great and full of personality as always!! Happy

It's some amazing set-ups you have done for your picfic!! Energetic Energetic Your ponies have soooo many cool things my ponies are almost getting jealous Poke Tounge
That was clever how you did the young Rapunzel. And Silverbells Manor sure is a beautiful place! heart LOL at the clipping of Rapunzel's credit card and even more LOL of the bird making a nest in her tail Laugh It was a good thing she met 4-Speed Smile And that plane is sooo cool!!! Happy Pony
Oh, and I too wanna know how Chief and Ringlets met! Wink
Well done on your brag/picfic!! Happy

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Corral + Dollhouse Moderator
Corral + Dollhouse Moderator

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hu


Major congrats!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!


Thank you so much Kioku and minercia!!!
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Mommy & Baby Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Wow!!!!!! That was so awesome, and I love all your new ponies!!!!!! COngrats!

[thank you SDS!
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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

Joined: Apr 03, 2005
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Location: Back from UKPONYCON! (Canary Islands, Spain)

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

Agree with many above: "Wow"!

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Dabbles Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

omg, what amazing beautiful ponies you have got! Happy And I loved the picfic! How cute! Happy

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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hugs*

omg wow :o
Drunk Happy Pony
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Pony Corral Mod
Pony Corral Mod

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: woohoo! I luvs you guys!*mega brag + Picfic part 5!! *hu

YAY! Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony Flirty Pony I loved that!! and ZOMG SINDY CARAVAN!! WOOT WOOT!! YAY!

and Laugh @ the chopping up the credit card Laugh that's funny haha!

Congrats on them all!!! Hug Soo many gorgeous ponies...I love Fifis playset too *edits wantlist* Poke Tounge

a pony a day keeps the doctor away Smile

Thanks to hathorcat for my Minty avi heart SDS for my coin siggy heart and thanks severedanomaly for my big Minty siggy heart
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