First, Introduce yourself please. *waves*
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#331: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: CrimsonEtCloverLocation: Wisteria Falls PostPosted: 0
Hello... I collect cute things, really... anything cute or pretty, I'm probably interested in! I wanted to post here on the LPS section, because today I found a few little kitties and tiny animals, ect, and I'd like to ID them, get a pc, and probably sell or trade!

I do have a soft spot for LPS, because my little sister had several, and we played with them a lot <3

#332: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: tulagirlLocation: SouthEast Texas PostPosted: 0
I am Tulagirl. I have always loved LPS. At first I had a huge G1 collection of these wonderful items. Now I mostly have the modern ones...I just love them. The big eyes are a huge it for me. I think it would just be enjoyable to share with other LPS collectors...this is my reason for being over here.

#333: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: CadePonyLocation: Michigan PostPosted: 0
Hi, I'm CadePony and I've recently joined MLP Arena. I posted in the introduction section of the main forum, but I figured I would also introduce myself here as well. ^^;

Anyways, I used to have some the Littlest Pet Shop pets when they first came out; don't know if I still have them or not. But it wasn't until this year that I started to collect the newer Littlest Pet Shop pets; so far, I've got 4 of them -- 2 cats, 1 ostrich and 1 fox. I'm hoping to collect more of them in the near future.

I just seem to collect a whole bunch of toys -- My Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers, Busou Shinki, Bionicle and Hero Factory. You can say that I'm an absolute toy collecting addict. xD

#334: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: MLPMomLocation: Babysitting all the naughty mods, it is a full time job! PostPosted: 0
Welcome!! Smile

It is always nice to meet more people that also love these little guys. Smile

#335: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: BigBrotherBestLocation: BC Canada PostPosted: 0
I think I posted in the wrong into forum before but...
HELLO! I collect g1 mlp and I found this site and few days ago, I have a lot of toys from that era as I was born in 85, I'd love to give out some of my old toys to people that will enjoy them, and maybe expand my pony herd while I'm at it.

I posted a list of the contents of a box I have started of vintage lps, would love to trade or give these well loved pets a new home.

I have keypers too, if anyone remembers those.

#336: Re: First, Introduce yourself please. *waves* Author: JuriLocation: Australia PostPosted: 0
Hi there Smile

I'm Juri and I used to collect LPS when I was a little girl. I recently was reminded of the old sets I used to have through pony shopping online - and now I am desperate to buy all my old sets again - especially the kitties that were my favourites.

I would love to make some friends who also like vintage LPS and see pics of people's collections Smile

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