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#1: art for ponies Author: kamladollyLocation: Idaho PostPosted: 0
Hey all! I'm offering to do full color drawings in exchange for ponies.

I can draw in the folowing styles: MLP, my regular style, full anime, cartoon, anthro/furry, and realistic. The drawing will be done in color pencils unless specified otherwise. The drawing will be 8.5x11 inches, but I can work slightly bigger is desired.

If you need to look at more samples, take a look though my
art site: LaDollyLatte, my DA gallery, or my gallery here at the arena.

Here are the ponies at the top of my want list:
Kimono (loose is ok)
Cherry Blossom
Lickity Split and Port-o-Bella set (2 drawings)
Golden Delicious
Spring Parade
Cinnamon Breeze
Scootin' Along w/ Breezie
Blue Mist/
Keen Bean (1 drawing for just KB, or 2 for the Sew-and-so, TATAT, and Keen Bean set)
Marshmellow Coco

Any babies except for BBEs
Any Big Brother pony
TE Sky Rocket
TE Sweet Pop
TE Whizzer
TE Bright Eyes
TE Locket
TE Quackers
TE Tic-tac-toe
TAF Merriweather
TAF Night Glider
-Full MLP want list
-Other toys want list

If you're interested, send me a PM or e-mail me at ladollylatte (at) I also have a reference list here at the arena and for more info, click on the banner in my sig.

#2:  Author: MiafruntLocation: Seattle PostPosted: 0
Hey there! I have a MIB cupcake! I'll PM you

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