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#31: Re: Commission Artist Author: RadLocation: MI PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: rad

Email: Button link beneath this post. Smile

Commission Status: Open, works fast

Specialties: I love to rehair and I'm pretty fast at it. Smile Dream Catchers, Beadie Buddies, zipper pulls, cell phone charms, and Oriental hair decorations for customs. I also do customizations! I'm working on other crafty things, so keep an eye on my deviantArt page and the Customs forum for something interesting!

Links to examples of your work: MLP related and Oriental hair pins for customs. Swap extras: Beadie Buddies and Jewelry.

Pricing Details: Depends on what you want and how hard it will be. I try to be fair.

Shipping Details: You pay for shipping and I ship items in a padded envelope. I will ship anywhere in the world, any shipping preference, with or without insurance; whatever you want as long as you're willing to pay for it.

Payment Details: Paypal is preferable, but I will take cashier's check, personal check, money order, and (at your own risk) concealed cash.

#32: Re: Commission Artist Author: jodes210381Location: Perth Western Australia PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: jodes210381

Email: jodes210381 @
Please contact me with a PM is preferredJ

Commission Status: OPEN
Custom trades always OPEN

Links to examples of your work :

Specialties: I can do full body repaints, hand painted symbols and eyes, and rehairing sorry no airbrushing yet , beading or sparkles basically ask for it ill transform it to the best of my ability, just ask awayJ I will try anything J and birth certificate of your new mlp custom with my artist signature.

Pricing Details: $25-$50 if extra will discuss if neededJ
Shipping Details: ship worldwide I live in Australia so postage takes longer, however postage costs are included in the prices listed above. If you want registered post or express etc. I will add on the extra cost over $7. cheaper postage within Australia.
Payment details: PayPal, payment is required immediately when custom is complete and before shipping. Payment plans are a option

Links to any customs currently for sale: no customs for sale atm.

Current commitments:
Custom trade with hannaliten
Will be participating in the superhero custom swap

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#33: Re: Commission Artist Author: babyblueduckyLocation: Dallas, Texas PostPosted: 0
Screen Name - babyblueducky

Email - pm me or

Commission Status - OPEN

Links to examples of your work -

Specialties - hand painted eyes and symbols, sculpting wings, horn or other parts, rehair by needle method using hair or embroidery thread

Pricing Details -starting price for a simple custom is $15.00 USD and for a more detailed custom is $25.00 USD to $30.00 USD

Shipping Details - First class or Priority. The prices varies from where it is being sent to. I will ship outside of the USA, but shipping will cost more. Insurance and delivery confirmation is optional.

Payment Details - I accept well concealed cash or PayPal. If paid with PayPal, payment must be sent as a bank transfer and not as debit or credit.

Links to any customs currently for sale -

#34: Re: Commission Artist Author: lightheart_ladyLocation: Bowels of Hell, Texas Chapter PostPosted: 0
Screen Name- lightheart_lady

Email- absoluteaffinity @

Commission Status (open or closed)- OPEN!!

Links to examples of your work
Luna Lovegood
TaF Sailor Mercury & Sailor Venus

Sculpted accessories/general accessories (chokers, props, etc)
Hand-painted symbols
Experimenting (I love taking on challenges)

Pricing Details-
I look at each custom individually and price them independently, might change this someday.

Shipping Details-
I send via USPS unless otherwise requested by patron or deemed necessary by the fragility of the finished project.

Payment Details-
Paypal only. I will require at least the price of the bait pony and hair (if applicable) up front. After the initial rehairing/repainting is done (before eyes and symbol are finished) you will receive a picture for your approval, after which I will finish, send you a picture of the finished project, receive the remainder of the payment+shipping and send your pony the next business day!

#35: Re: Commission Artist Author: thatg33kgirlLocation: Fairfield, OH (Cincinnati area!) PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: Thatg33kgirl (thatgeekgirl)

Email: thatg33kgirl @

Commission Status
: CLOSED (plan to open some slots soon)

**Please click HERE for complete details of my commission info, including info for Breyer and other toy customs.**

Links to examples of your work:
Lots on my DA page HERE (can sort by year by clicking on the folders on the left side of page)

Sculpting (apoxie and sometimes Sculpey); detailing; re-hairing; hand-painted symbols and eyes; airbrushed FBR; origami paper kimonos; TV, Video Game, or Movie based customs; FiM customs; generally fun and "geeky" My Little Pony customs. I am open to pretty much all ideas. I also can do restoration work

Pricing Details:

Pricing varies upon complexity of design, please PM me for more info for a more accurate quote.
*Basic pricing starts at $50 USD each (repaint, symbols, rehair)
*Sculpted ponies start at $70 USD each
*Extras include wings, large detail of sculpting work, beading, crystals, accessories, tiny sculpted details, re-posing, mohair, etc.
*Cake Topper ponies will vary in price, info coming soon to my etsy account.
Please keep in mind various bait availability. If you have a specific bait in mind please let me know, some baits like Big Brothers may be extra. (f you provide your own bait, I of course will lower the price of the finished custom!)

Shipping Details:
*I will ship overseas, but please keep in mind the shipping costs from the United States to your location. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, but I do not overcharge nor do I charge a handling fee or shipping supply fee. I ship via USPS (generally Priority shipping unless specified) and will ship out within 2 business days of final payment. I have excellent feedback on both the arena and ebay, please note me if you would like these references as I am happy to provide them.

Payment Details:
*I accept Paypal payments, and do require a 20% deposit before beginning a custom, mostly to cover the cost of supplies. I will not charge until I am ready to start a commission, to which I will PM you or email you. Final payment will be due within 7 days of finished commission unless otherwise discussed before finishing the custom. I may be willing to accept other forms of payment such as money orders in certain instances.
I do accept some trades/partial trades for other OOAK pieces, as well as things on my MLP/Breyer want list (link in siggy)

Links to any customs currently for sale:
(none at the moment)

Commission/waiting list (updated as things are worked on): (under the DeviantID)

#36: Re: Commission Artist Author: AllyKatLocation: Calgary, AB PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: AllyKat
Email: blake.allykat
Commission Status (open or closed): Open
Links to examples of your work: All on my deviantART account
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings): Painted symbols, fantasy themed
Pricing Details: Depends on the complexity, but most would be between $25-50.
Shipping Details: Shipping is extra. I use Canada Post, so it's about $12 for in Canada, $17 to the US. Anywhere else and I'd have to get back to you on it.
Payment Details: PayPal only, full payment required before I ship
Links to any customs currently for sale: All on my dA journal or on the Arena here

#37: Re: Commission Artist Author: SasukeRoxMySox2Location: London UK PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: SasukeRoxMySox2
Email: Novocaine.dreams @
Commission Status: OPEN
Examples of my work:
Average pricing:
Basic repaint and reroot: £13
Unique sculpts: from £20
Merponies: from £30
Dragon ponies: from £35
Specail Customs: From £20
please email with your design for a more acurate quote!
Specialties: Reroots, delicate sculpts, dragons ponies
Shipping Details: All depends on where you live and the pony
Payment Details: PayPal only (please email me)
Links to any customs currently for sale:

#38: Re: Commission Artist Author: TiellaLocation: Florida PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: Tiella

Email: Tiella @

Commission Status (open or closed): Open

Links to examples of your work:

Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings): Hair color combos, realistic designs, realistic horses.

Pricing Details: Starting at 20 dollars for a simple symbols, eyes and reroot, price goes up from there depending on complexity of design and if there is sculpted work or extras like jewelry ect. I am negotiable and also willing to do trades for other customs or ponies I may want.

Shipping Details: I will ship worldwide and will charge you the least amount of money possible for shipping, costs will reflect a little over the post office price as I have to buy packing materials.

Payment Details: I would prefer 25% the cost of commission up front in case I need to gather or order additional supplies. I prefer paypal, but will also consider money orders.

Additional info: I usually work fast, but life does sometimes get hectic as I have a special needs baby and am often dealing with doctors and therapists. I would like to say I can finish a custom in a week or two, but it could take up yo a month depending on my workload and anything else going on in my life with my kids.

#39: Re: Commission Artist Author: AlexKLocation: Surrey, England PostPosted: 0
Screen Name - Alexk

Email - PM me here or thecanoegirl @

Commission Status - Open

Links to examples of your work -
Gallery here-

Deviant Art- missgriss.deviantart.c...y/30121384

Specialties - Tattoo style designs, All over swirl designs, simple and complex painting, glitter symbols, airbrush gradients.

I am willing to try anything though so run your ideas past me.

Pricing Details - A basic custom with a simple symbol on the rump and up to 3 hair colours is £20.

Pricing for more painting varies depending on the complexity. An all over paint job or gradient will also add to the cost. Each custom will vary on the details you require so please ask me if you have any questions on how much something will cost.

Shipping Details - Shipping is included in the quote price but if you require insurance it will be extra. I always obtain proof of postage.

Payment Details - Paypal please. I require a £5 non-refundable deposit. Once I have shown you pictures of the completed custom and you are happy with it I will require the balance paid in full before I ship.

I will try to get your commission completed as quickly as I possibly can but I do have a full time job and a step son who I look after every other week so real life can get in the way. I ask that you please remember this when you commission me Smile But I will work as quickly as I can!

#40: Re: Commission Artist Author: BugleLocation: [color=blue]Under The Willow Tree[/color] PostPosted: 0

Contact Me Via PM To Talk About A Commission!

Commissions are OPEN.

*Hand Painted Symbols
*Manipulation/Additions Through Apoxie Sculpt (Horns, Wings, Transformations, etc)
*Fantasy style wings
*Re-hairing with Nylon hair from
*I also can do repositioning and fantasy ponies
*Your imagination is the limit

Most customs will be in the $60 - $150 range. Please contact me for an exact quote. The more detail and materials needed the higher the price.[/b]

Cost of shipping will be charged upon completion of your custom.

[color=olive]I Accept Cheques (US Customers), and Money Transfer/Western Union Orders (Non-US Customers). I require half of the total cost of the custom up front before starting. Once I have started the custom the deposit is non-refundable. Payment must be made in full before a custom will ship. Your payment is due no later than 7 days after your custom is complete. If I do not recieve the final balance plus the cost of shipping within the time frame I reserve the right to put the custom up for sale, and keep the deposit.[/color]

Other information:
I can supply you with photo samples of my work, and will be uploading my work in the forums and hopefully a gallery before too long.

**Customs take anywhere from a week to a month (and in some rare cases possibly longer); this all depends on the amount of work going into the custom, workload, and the availability of materials. I keep in contact regularly while working on a custom, and can even send photos at the different stages while I am working on your custom.**

Available customs:
Have Several Customs Available That Will Be Posted Under The Classifieds In The Near Future.

#41: Re: Commission Artist Author: mayanbutterflyLocation: CA PostPosted: 0
Screen Name Mayanbutterfly

Email mayanbutterfly18 @

Commission Status ***OPEN***

Links to examples of your work
mayanbutterfly on deviantART

MLP Customs ---

Specialties G1, G2, G3, G4 Customs, restoring, rehairing/ rerooting, airbrushing, tiny painted details, Hasbro inspired babies, G1 to G4, So-Soft Customs, Sculpting, Johnny Depp customs, and more!

Pricing Details $40.00 and up for custom commissions and $10.00 for restoration

Shipping Details I ship world wide and with delivery conformation in the U.S. (Shipping will be between $3.00- $7.00 depending on weight)

Payment Details I accpet paypal and money orders

For more details check out this page:

#42: Re: Commission Artist Author: truevampiressLocation: Traverse City MI. PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: TrueVampiress
Email: Please PM me
Commission Status: closed until I catch up
Links to examples of your work: Deviantart Gallery of all customs
Specialties: I only do G3 3.5 and 4, I also customize Littlest pet shop.
Pricing Details: Ponies start at $25
Littlest pet shop customs are $15
Shipping Details: Within the US its $3-4, International to be determined
Payment Details: I prefer paypal but will accept money orders

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#43: Re: Commission Artist Author: mana-maidenLocation: U.S.A. PostPosted: 0

Contact Me ---> PM

Commissions are OPEN.

~~~*Mana-Maiden's Custom Pony Portfolio*~~~

Smooth flawless full body repaints, realism and expressionism.
No hair style is impossible! The shorter the hair style, the more plugs I add so I can achieve short, spiky do's. Hair jobs can range between 2-5 days alone; and I have a hair-gel method that makes me able to do every single type of hair style out there.
I also create my own eye shapes with a eye-enlargement method!

I hand-sew pony outfits most of the time. There's not a single clothing design out there that I can't put on a pony! No level of detail will ever stop me from fulfilling a request, or taking on a challenge. I can do simple outfits, or the most decked out insanely detailed outfit you can come across. I'll do it.

On occasion I enjoy sculpting animalistic features on customs- such as foxes, cats; just about any beast that requires a resculpted face/ears, lol.

--Small: (ponyville, McD of any g3, g3.5, g4... or of the generation norms.) $10.00 - $45.00 depending on the specific pony base, and level of detail.
--$30.00 for a regular sized custom with simple paint and rehair job. (Similar to what Hasbro does.)
--$35.00 - $50.00 for a complex/realistic paint job.
--$50.00 - $150.00 for one of my regular sized usual multi-media customs. (Once again, all depends on the level of detail of the multi-media. Wink )

Shipping - For the most part will be configured at

I accept Paypal, Postal Money Orders (US Customers). I require half of the total cost of the custom up front before starting, if not full payment. Once I have started the custom the deposit is non-refundable. Payment must be made in full before a custom will ship. Your payment is due no later than 30 days after your custom is complete unless we have been in contact and made alternate arrangements. If I do not recieve the final balance plus the cost of shipping within the time frame I reserve the right to put the custom up for sale.

Other information:
I am a mother of 2- a boy and a girl and have a stepdad that has terminal cancer- but no matter what goes on in my life, I'll never, ever use it as an excuse to not fulfill a pre-paid transaction. You are generous enough to pay me for my craft and talent, I show you the same respect back by making you wait no longer than 2 months at the very latest, for your pre-paid request.

Available customs
Click image in my sig!

#44: Re: Commission Artist Author: KanamaiLocation: Springfield, OH, USA PostPosted: 0
Screen Name - Kanamai
Email - PinFilly @
Commission Status - OPEN
Links to examples of your work - My customs blog

Pricing Details
G4 Brushable Custom Prices
$25 - 1 color re-hair, eye re-paint, and cutie mark
$40 - 2 color re-hair, full body re-paint, eye re-paint, and cutie mark
------- Additional Hair Colors $1.50
------- Sculpted on Parts - Price May Vary

G4 Fashion Style Custom Prices
$80 - Up to 2 color re-hair, eye re-paint, and cutie mark
$100 - Up to 3 color re-hair, full body re-paint, eye re-paint, and cutie mark
------- Additional Hair Colors $3
------- Sculpted on Parts - Price May Vary

Shipping Details - I ship flat rate priority mail, $5 for US and $10 for International
Payment Details - Paypal or Money Order
Links to any customs currently for sale:
Derpy Hooves G4 Custom

#45: Re: Commission Artist Author: SarahlacewingLocation: Ohio PostPosted: 0

Commission Status:
Open for commissions
I would love to do a commission for you!


As far as specialties:

I do good small work on petite replicas/blind bag customs and jewelry. I enjoy significant modifications. I'm not afraid to get in there and try something really different. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not as much but I am always proud that I tried to make truly unique creations. Yes, I can sew and yes I can include fabric clothing in the customs. I also have other media like india ink (still experimenting), acrylics, resin, watercolors. I sew, bake, make soap and candles, cross stitch, knit, I do metal work and chain mail. I have easy access to flocking in multiple colors and I like to experiment with unusual hair: ribbon, metal wire, feathers, actual hair, etc.

Pricing Details
Pricing normally starts around $15 dollars plus shipping and goes up depending on the amount of detail needed or the cost of bait and materials.

Pricing for smaller pieces with items like the McDonald base or animal companions would start at $5 plus shipping depending on the bait. If they are hard to find it may be a bit more.

I'm happy to do separate art, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, etc. Just let me share your vision!

Shipping Details
$3 for domestic discounts on multiple items/small packages.
International will be based on weight.
You can choose whatever shipping options you feel are most appropriate.

Payment Details
I accept paypal.

I'll send pictures of the piece for your approval. If for some reason you change your mind and decide not to buy the custom we've been working on I reserve the right to either rebait the custom for future projects or offer it for sale to others to make up for the loss of buying supplies.

If a specific bait or expansive bait is needed for the custom I may require a non refundable deposit to cover the cost of the bait but otherwise payment will be due upon completion.

Positive Feedback
I know that it is difficult to choose an artist to work with. I have done several swaps both private and group here on the forum. I have completed a lot of sales here both buying and selling. I have some feedback pending and some feedback in the glitched thread. I also can provide eBay feedback, I've sold several blind bag customs on eBay. I prefer paypal so you can be confident in the safety of transfering your funds.

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