is l11111y on ebay reliable?
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#46: Re: is l11111y on ebay reliable? Author: ponyRNLocation: North Carolina PostPosted: 0
svarta-perlan wrote:

poniesandpetals is her new account, brand new, not an old one with a changed name. currently has 17 feedbacks.

Her explanation for this is that the old l1111ly or whatever account was her daughter's, who no longer sells on e-bay, and poniesandpetals is her own new account. Whatever.

I have bought several ponies from her. The only problem I had was a Satin N Lace that was described as near mint, but had some pretty noticeable tail rust going on. Conveniently, it had been covered with a ribbon. However, I was so delighted with the Tux N Tails that I also won from her at the same time and the great deal I got on this boy that I didn't make an issue.

I've bought at least one pony from her new "poniesandpetals" account and didn't have any issues.

#47: Re: is l11111y on ebay reliable? Author: ZettaMomoLocation: Michigan PostPosted: 0
Goodness! I am glad I saw this thread. My mother was going to buy me Creamsicle from her new account a few days back. I ended up telling my mom not to buy me it because the price was going up higher than what I would have wanted her to spend on me.
I just told mom about it and we both agreed that it was probably for the best that we didn't buy from her.

#48: Re: is l11111y on ebay reliable? Author: StarDragon PostPosted: 0
Wow! I didn't realize that account was .dot! When I first started to officially collect MLPs, she was my favorite seller and I have so many of her ponies with their curls! The only thing is that they are very stiff with conditioner, which I will be washing out very soon.

I had a Gusty from her a few years ago who came with different colored head/body, so I returned her, but she seemed very understanding about it (I still want a Gusty- since then I have not bought another one though I would like too. Sad )

She seems very reliable to me, but I have stopped buying since the prices went up.

#49: Re: is l11111y on ebay reliable? Author: melonLocation: Sunny Singapore PostPosted: 0
Bought from both her IDs and my advise is to ask for a detailed description of the pony before bidding. Got 12 ponies from her and only 2 are as described. Terribly stressed up Sad

She might have hinted that I'm being picky but when a pony is described with "very clean" body, I'm not expecting to receive them with discolourations and marks.

Maybe it's just me. *shrug*

#50: Re: is l11111y on ebay reliable? Author: svarta-perlanLocation: reykjav√≠k, iceland PostPosted: 0
wow... that's pretty awful. :/ hope you got a partial refund, at least...?

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