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#1: Sales Thread Author: kristincoxLocation: Albuquerque, NM PostPosted: 0
Hi guys,

I currently have the following for sale:

2008 Advent Calendar MIP
2009 Comic Con Exclusive Cat MIB
2009 Hippo & Ostrich MOC
2009 (?) Advent Calendar Pets & Accessories
2005 Grey Kitten
2006 McDonald's Puppy MIB
2008 Postcard Pets Giraffe MIB
2008 Postcard Pets Tiger MIB
2008 Postcard Pets Zebra MIB
2008 Postcard Pets Iguana MIB
2008 Postcard Pets Panda Bear MIB
2008 Postcard Pets 3-Pack: Lion, Ostrich & Monkey MIB
2007 3-Pack Tube: Owl, Dragonfly & Dog MIP
2008 Winter Horse & Bunny Set MIP (Sleddin' Fun)
2008 Winter Penguin & Bunny Set MIP (Slope Ridin' Pets)

A couple more to be listed soon. PM me with interests and I can send photos/descriptions/prices since the gallery is down.

#2: Re: Sales Thread Author: GoatKnitLocation: Iowa PostPosted: 0
I have 3 gen1 Lps buildings, with gallon baggy of accessories. Also 3 buildings from gen2 Lps, plus lots of accessories, cages etc.

Anyone interested? I can send pics through email. I will sell or trade for anything MLP.

thefishcube @

#3: Re: Sales Thread Author: PonyMonstersLocation: Essex, United Kingdom PostPosted: 0
Ooh good luck with your sales!

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