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#1: For Sale Nirvanas Author: GustyFoxLocation: Brasil PostPosted: 0
NM Truly and Paradise.
I'm looking for U$300.00 for each but I'm open to discussion as I really would like to sell (can't keep all of them, unfortunately)

Their hair is in very nice shape for Brasil ponies, very soft.



Party Pony - festinha - U$65.00

Bowtie - taking offers (the dirty dot on her cheek was cleaned already)

Argie Moonstone - U$45.00
Re-haired. Symbols are kinda blurred. I sent her to someone for a symbol retouch and for some reason she came back to me with a lose head. I wasn't brave enough to try to attach it again (if nothing else works it can be glued back). I'll lower the price is this doesn't seem fair (I payed U$80, but I guess I wanted her too bad back there) for her condition.

Starshine - U$30.00
This blank flank lady was once Brasilian Starshine. She was he-haired with brasilian hair (the end of her tail is already getting dry and frizzy). Her Eyes are nice, her right ear is chewed. She desperate need a loving home Poke Tounge

Baby Tiddle Winks - U$35.00

Baby Cotton Candy - U$30.00
She have something like needle marks on her left shoulder. It's not too deep on the vinyl but you can see the tiny marks on the pony.

Bunch of poorly loved Brasilians:
Collector's Pose - U$8 each
Shy Pose or Sprinkles - U$10 each
They are really dirty and much of their "ugliness" will come off with a bath and combing. Some are better than others I try to put the price at a minimum. Feel free to ask about specific issues (I believe they all have clear flaws pictured, but I'll describe them to anyone interested).
Lot for U$80.00


I'll be adding the missing pics later today (run out of batteries =o.o= )
Shipping from Brasil to US/UK is going to be U$18-20 for 1-3 ponies. I offer free insurance.
If you don't mind waiting I'm going to US in late Feb or early March, and then I can ship them for cheaper.
Fell free to make questions and offers in case you don't like the prices ^^ I'm looking for G4 Star Swirl, G1 Baby Buggy and I would consider trading ponies for art!

#2: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: zoraLocation: Austria PostPosted: 0
PMd you ^^

#3: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: pinkkittywinks PostPosted: 0
i'm looking forward to seeing more pictures Smile

love pkw xxx

#4: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: hokuspokusLocation: Netherlands PostPosted: 0
Wonderful... do you also have pics of the 'baity' ones? As i cant afford $300 right now Poke Tounge

#5: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: hilambLocation: Finland PostPosted: 0
Oh god i wish i had the money and i would buy Paradise, but i cant. Atleast yet. Wink Good luck with sales, the ponies are gorgeus. Flirty Pony

#6: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: EndocatLocation: New Zealand PostPosted: 0
OOhhhh love Bowtie!! (alas no 'pony money' at the moment).

#7: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: BerryMouseLocation: Raxacoricofallapatorius (to be honest Germany) PostPosted: 0
Pm'ed ya Happy

#8: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: BuffyLocation: Germany PostPosted: 0
Pm for you

#9: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: GustyFoxLocation: Brasil PostPosted: 0
For some reason I can't edit my original post.

Here are the missing pictures:

Moonstone The%20other%20Brasilians

#10: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: GustyFoxLocation: Brasil PostPosted: 0
Bump O.o
(Is it just me or forum is kinda crazy today? o.o)

#11: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: LuvMyBoyLocation: Lansing, MI PostPosted: 0
It's not just you, I keep trying to post and it's not working out for me o_O

#12: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: maycrestmomLocation: Germantown, MD PostPosted: 0
oooh missed your bait lot earlier = sending you another PM :-)

#13: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: sosoftbuttonsLocation: moved into the 'belle tout' lighthouse with michael knight & KITT PostPosted: 0
OMG faint brazil truly, brazil truly = grrrraaaaiiiil pony On Fire

#14: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: NarayaLocation: Mannheim / Germany PostPosted: 0
Bowtie is just amazing, but there's no way that I'll be able to afford her.

Good luck with your sales! Smile

#15: Re: For Sale Nirvanas Author: skyrocketnekoLocation: NC PostPosted: 0
Hi there! Can you please take some closer shots of Moonstone's touched-up symbols? It's hard to tell the quality from the pictures. Thanks!

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