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#1: Hair Matching and DH Order Suggestions Author: KiwiSquirtBottleLocation: Texas PostPosted: 0
Two things:

Baby Surf Star's Hair

I'd like to do a custom of Baby Surf Star, but I'm not sure what colours her hair is as I don't own one, nor can I find suggestions in guides. If someone has an idea, I'd super appreciate it. Preferably DH matches, but would also accept RD.

Dolly Hair Staples

I'm going to place a decent sized order at DH and I'd like to hear suggestions on staples to try and keep on hand. I know Black Magic and Blizzard (which I can dye) are usually safe choices, but what else would you recommend?

Also, with their blends, if I want a little bit of a colour, not a full hank, would it be possible to get a blend of two colours and ask her not to mix them so I can do it myself / have half a hank of something on hand, just in case?

#2: Re: Hair Matching and DH Order Suggestions Author: Lon-san PostPosted: 0
Eee...maybe just pick up a partial hank from someone here? I have tried to pick a single color out of a blend (it was a $2 random bag) and it was tough.

What kinds of colors do you think you personally will use the most? Do you do a lot of Hasbro-based customs? If you do, it might be good to have some of the colors that they used often.

Atomic Turquoise is a nice one to have. Might want to have a nice red on hand as well. Cherry Pie, maybe? Personal preference but Bobby Blue is a nice medium blue to have and Envy is a pretty medium green.

#3: Re: Hair Matching and DH Order Suggestions Author: wyndstarLocation: Canada PostPosted: 0
i think i saw once you can ask her not to blend them. it's worth asking anyway.

i also bought black magick as a staple and i haven't used it yet lol. but i think it's a good one to have on hand anyway. obviously a white is good.

cherry pie is an awesome red. i like lucky clover but if you're going to do more hasbro stuff i believe sea nymph is a better match for some greens. water nixie is a lovely blue. i also have starlight which has a gorgeous sparkle and would consider always having on hand if you like that sort of thing.

i'm trying to build up a nice supply Smile i ordered butterfly which is a beautiful yellow and after midnight which is a gorgeous dark blue! i'm pondering some purples now lol

#4: Re: Hair Matching and DH Order Suggestions Author: pop-girlLocation: Florida, where it's HOT, HOT, HOT! PostPosted: 0
Yes, asking Tina not to blend is an option - I do it all the time. Wink

I usually type something like "Can I get a half hank of Bobby Blue and a half hank of Blizzard? Also, can you please keep them separate? Thanks Tina."

#5: Re: Hair Matching and DH Order Suggestions Author: Lon-san PostPosted: 0
Seriously? Whoah. I'll have to keep that in mind.

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