Argies (and a Brazilian) from my Argie
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#1: Argies (and a Brazilian) from my Argie Author: lipstickcatLocation: UK, Leicester PostPosted: 0
I got back from visiting my favourite Argie in Buenos Aires last week. She completely and utterly spoiled me with ponies for Christmas!!!! Flirty Pony Energetic

I'm going to post a full brag of everything she gave me in the brag arena, but here I'll share the Argie Minty, Bluebell and Blossom, and Brazil Applejack that she gave me. If anyone has an advice on cleaning Applejack's ink stains up I'd gladly take them - I'm in the UK so sunfading isn't the most effective....

I'd also love to know if the seller is a member of the forum? Ro said that they told her that they were a collector too and were really lovely to her. I'd love for you to see how nicely your ponies cleaned up ^_^

#2: Re: Argies (and a Brazilian) from my Argie Author: LadyGuinevereLocation: UK PostPosted: 0
Awww what wonderful gifts! Glad you had a good time! Smile It may still be worth trying the sunfading (although not right now, lol!) - I have had some success with biro marks in the past.

#3: Re: Argies (and a Brazilian) from my Argie Author: pinkkittywinks PostPosted: 0
aw they are lovely and i too agree that sun fading will help Smile

congrats on your new additions.

love pkw xxx

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