In need of baits. Any suggestions?
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#1: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: MorosanLocation: Sweden, Kävlinge PostPosted: 0
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I need baits, a LOT of baits Scared for my Dream Challenge...

But I'm not sure where it would be best for me to get them.
So I would very much appreciate some advice and/or help if that's ok.

I've been looking around and found some decent job lots. But I'm not very used to the whole bidding system and I have an annoying tendency to forget to keep an eye on things if I ever do bid on them. Embarassed

Getting baits on the swedish selling-sites is near impossible. about 90% of the ponies sold on there are for collecting as they are in very nice condition, and if you would ever find baits they want about £6 for ONE! Sad and that doesn't include shipping....

I remember when I was at Uk Pony Con a couple of years ago, people were selling bucketloads of baits for only 50p each! unfortunatley I had almost no money so I only bought a few. Sad

But maybe someone here on the arena have a bunch of baits they are willing to sell? I don't ask for a lamely cheap price, just a just/decent one.

Shipping costs can be a pain so I think it would be easiest if I buy baits from someone in Europe.
But if anyone have other suggestions they are welcome. Smile

here is a list of the baits that I need. I would prefer to get as many as possible in a bundle so it wont spread out on to many different shippings.

ponies (or any pony in same pose) I need.
Colour not important.

G3 daffidazey
G3 gem blossom
G3 fluttershy walking
G3 valenshy
G3 kimono/sew-and-so
G3 fizzy pop
G3 periwinkle x2
G3 beachberry

G1 sugarberry
G1 tootsie
G1 big brother (any) x2
G1 gusty
G1 cupcake
G1 posey
G1 pony bride x2

Thank you everyone in advance.

#2: Re: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: MohawkLocation: West Virginia, USA PostPosted: 0
I saw a G1 bait lot on the Classifieds a few days ago that was $20 including shipping. I think there were half a dozen?

The baits I have right now are spoken for, but if you don't mind indulging me, I'm insanely curious now as to what your Dream Project is, that you need... what, 18 ponies for?

#3: Re: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: MorosanLocation: Sweden, Kävlinge PostPosted: 0
thanks for the tip, Mohawk. I'll look into the classifieds forum. Smile

as for my dream challenge, I'm planning to make a whole heap of characters from the anime BLEACH. Happy

take a peek into the dream challenge post here in the customs forum and check out the other participants work! it's so amazing to see how creative and supporting everyone here at the arena is! Flirty Pony

#4: Re: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: hannalitenLocation: Maple Valley, WA PostPosted: 0
If color is not an issue I can get you all the G3s. Yes, shipping is high, but we could work something out. Let me know if you're interested.

#5: Re: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: MorosanLocation: Sweden, Kävlinge PostPosted: 0
hmm. sounds interesting, Hanna. How much would the shipping be for the G3s? and how much would you want for the lot?

#6: Re: In need of baits. Any suggestions? Author: maycrestmomLocation: Germantown, MD PostPosted: 0
hey maybe you can offer to do a custom for baits? Or would you be able to find like a "common" pony there - is it NSS cupcake? (sorry if I got wrong country...) that would have some sale/trade value for another arena person?

Especially in US its easy to find G3's in thrift stores here and such ...

Just off the top of my head ideas as I know you are trying to keep costs down = yah, you have a definite dream to challenge yourself with but man, what a present come the end of 2012!

best of luck and huge hugs as I know you will do it!

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