I have started to fall to the collectors side
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#1: I have started to fall to the collectors side Author: ArkillianLocation: Auckland, New Zealand PostPosted: 0
I tried buying a cheap set of MLP figurines to use as bait, found out their names and fell in love with most of them T.T This is no good for me XD Anyways, since it's my first stash I may as well brag Smile

Gen%203%20Rarity%20and%20Sweetie%20Belle.%20I've%20totally%20fallen%20for%20Rarity%20though.%20She's%20an%20absolutely%20gorgeous%20pony.%20I'm%20going%20to%20see%20if%20I%20can%20condition%20her%20frizzed%20up%20mane%20and%20keep%20her%20as%20a%20display%20piece.%20%20:lovey:%20 Gen%203%20Starsong.%20She%20has%20such%20sweet%20hair%20^^ Round%20'n%20Round%20and%20possibly%20Bow%20Tie%20(can%20someone%20confirm%20this?).%20I%20REALLY%20love%20the%20colours%20of%20RnR%20and%20I%20want%20to%20keep%20her%20also.%20 Some%20gen%203.5%20Rainbow%20dashes,%20and%20Gen%204%20Pinkie%20Pie%20and%20Twilight%20Sparkle

I also scored some Fakies, some Mac Donalds MLPs, and the equivalent to Chuckie in the MLP range. I am seriously traumatised by that purple pony's glass eye. If that's a genuine Gen 2 pony then I'm avoiding them (Please tell me it's not). The McD pony is a G3 Serendipity.

And I must say, this pony buying has solidified my love for the original designs (Gen 1). I like Gen 3 and all, but Gen 1 will always be my favourite Smile *is currently buying a set of baitier looking ponies in hope that there will be no connection and can modify them without tears*

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