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#1: G4 blind bags wave 2 + main cast, reduced! - make offers Author: daniz_69Location: Ontario, Canada PostPosted: 0
Hi. Sorry for posting again, but it wouldnt let me do anything to my old post. I would like to sell my last remaining blind bags by this weekend, so that I can ship from the US and save people money on shipping. Please make offers if you like. Thanks Smile

I will ship worldwide. I accept paypal. I will ship from Canada or the United States ( this weekend), whichever you would like. The states is usually much cheaper>I am only selling at the moment, no trades. Please feel free to make offers. If there is no interest at my listed price, I will accept the next best offer! All have their cards. I have the packaging too if you want it.

Available: $3 each obo!
Pinkie Pie x 3
Applejack x 3
Rainbowdash x 2
Rarity x 2
Twilight Sparkle x 2

Available: prices listed obo!
Fluttershy x 1 $4 obo
Cheerilee $5 obo
Twinkleshine x 2 $5 each obo
Glittery Applejack $8 obo

Sold or on Hold
Feathermay x 1 sold, 1 hold
Blossomforth – ALL SOLD
Lulu Luck – ALL SOLD
Star Swirl x 1 is sold
Tealove x 2 are sold
Ribbonheart x 2 sold
Cheerilee x 1 available, 1 sold
Daisy Dreams x 1 sold, 1 hold
Stardash x 3 sold
Honeybelle x 1 sold
Dewdrop Dazzle x 1 sold
Rainbow flash x 1 sold
Pudding pie x 2 sold
Snowcatcher x 2 sold
Twinkleshine x 2
Glitter rarity x 3 sold $8
Glitter applejack x 1 available, 1 sold $8
glitter fluttershy 3 sold $8

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