Mexican Baby Quackers - Restoring tips? ;u;
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#1: Mexican Baby Quackers - Restoring tips? ;u; Author: FlitterLocation: US (NJ) PostPosted: 0
Recently I won this beautiful little girl off of eBay.

Although her mane is not in the worst of shape, re-dying the tail wouldn't be too much an issue either and I could easily repaint/touch up the rubbed off paint in her eyes and symbol, I wondered what I could do for whitening.
I thought of sunfading, but that seemed like it'd be a bit tricky with the symbol not being in one piece. I've done oxy clean boiling for whitening, but if that's not enough, does anyone have more info on sunfading while in a peroxide/oxy bath in front of a window? It seems like a good option but I'm afraid I don't know much about it. Do I still have to cover her hair, or is it not going to be affected since it'd be in water?
Any info would be useful or other tips for whitening as well, thank you. n_n

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