Signature Rules Reminder! *PLEASE READ*
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#1: Signature Rules Reminder! *PLEASE READ* Author: LoaLocation: New Zealand PostPosted: 0
Unfortunately, the Mods & Admins of the Arena are noticing more and more signatures are getting bigger and bigger.
We are now sending requests or resizing up to 10 signatures a day!

Please take the time to check your signature is correct!!!

These are the Rules:

All signatures must fit within an area 500 pixels LONG and 200 pixels HIGH.

Total signature "weight" must be less than 60k.

Sigs with no graphics may have up to five lines of text.

Sigs with graphics can have up to two lines of text.

One Ticker at a time - with NO other signature graphics or text.

If you need any help at all, please refer to the Sigs & Gallery section.
These rules apply to every member of the Arena and very few excepions apply.
Any questions please ask a Mod or Admin for help.
Thank you! Happy

Note regarding any click-to-grows (dragon eggs, etc) - limit is 3 without any other pics, and 1 with.

#2: Re: Signature Rules Reminder! *PLEASE READ* Author: FlyingPonyMonsterLocation: Essex, United Kingdom PostPosted: 0
Hello, I think I have managed to get the dimensions correct but dont know how to measure the 'weight' of the signature?

#3: Re: Signature Rules Reminder! *PLEASE READ* Author: dunkinLocation: Washington, USA PostPosted: 0
I believe it means all the images in your signature combined must be less than 60k in file size.

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