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Forums » TCB » Wanted! » My Complete Want List!
My Complete Want List!
Looking for that special pony or set completer? Post wish lists here!
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Evil Swap Queen

Joined: Apr 07, 2007
Posts: 4548
Location: Northern Maine

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: My Complete Want List!

Last Updated December 17, 2011! Smile

Swap extras~ Dearest swap partner, here are some things that I like and dislike to give you some ideas. Wink Candy~ I dislike black licorice, chewing gum and dark chocolate. If you are located in Europe I absolutely LOVE Moaoms! We can't get them here! I also like anything gummy, Runts, Starbursts, peppermint patties, Reese peanutbutter cups minis, plain M&Ms, Reese pieces. I prefer sweet, sugary candies to chocolate, but will be happy with either. Some themes that I enjoy are Victorian World Traveler, Antique World Maps, rose compasses, steampunk, old books (not actually books, but anything with an old book theme) old boots (nick nacks, of course, not actually boots! Poke Tounge ) musical notes, celtic knots (no crosses, please.) I love wind chimes, tote bags, little boxes, funky pens (I prefer black ink) fun socks, pony stickers, book markers, rustic country signs, and pretty notebooks of almost any size. I love stuffed animals, but I already have too many. My favorite animals are dragons, cats, horses, frogs, turtles, owls and songbirds (especially chickadees.) I am a quilter, so fabric is certainly welcome. (Fat quarters are awesome!) I like things that are feminine, elegant, whimsical and classy. I also enjoy things that are bold, bright and cheerful. (My favorite color is orange.) I'm not crazy about pastel colors. I don't care for super girly things. I do not like Tinkerbelle or Disney Princesses. I also do not care for Fakie ponies, McD ponies or G3.5s.

I also collect Bella Sara cards. I am looking for plushies and the last two series, Spring Carnival, and Summer Camp. (And anything else the may release next!) I am also interested Dollymix ponies (I only have a few) and Blind Bag ponies (I have none!)


Atlas~ My pony persona is Atlas. He is a Victorian era world traveler who globe trots in a hot air balloon. He is an adventurer who is always surrounded by antique world maps, books, steamer trunks, and of course, his telescope. Oh, and he's a little bit steampunk; goggles, aviator hats, scarfs, clocks, gears.... I would be delighted to receive any customs of him or hand made items, artwork, plushies or accessories for him. For customs I prefer either a dyed or airbrushed body. (I loath brush strokes!) He does have one 'land mass' over one eye, but other than that feel free to use your artistic interpretation for the placement of all other 'land masses.' (I would also be thrilled to have a baity Chief to use for an Atlas custom.) Here is his reference~

Dutch ponies~ I have an army of Dutchies, so any Dutch pony in almost any condition is welcome! I have the most copies of Heart, Rabbit and Candy, so given a choice I would love to get a few more copies of the ones I have fewer of. But ANY Dutch will find a loving home here! I also include the UK counterparts to the Dutchies in my army. (I have a complete list further down.) I would also welcome customs for my army, including alternate poses, alternate colors, male variation, babies of adult ponies, adults of baby ponies, ect.

I also have a soft spot of Cherry Treats. I have too many copies of her already (except for the China version with no forelock which I'm still actively looking for.) I would enjoy any CT customs or merchandise with her on it (homemade or original.)


G1's- very good to NM condition I am kind of picky about my G1s! One or two small flaws are okay, but no eye rubs at all, please! Slightly dry hair is okay, just not frizzy. Minor haircuts are also okay, just not the forelock! Any pony with three stars after her(his) name is a BIG WANT! ***

intact flutter wings ***
Any Dance N Prance pony (mechanism must work!)
any DNP accessories!
Dazzleglow (without blue hearts)
any Mummy Charms
Red Roses ***
Dainty Dahlia
Daisy Sweet (white hair)
Cha Cha
Sweet Sundrop
Daisy Dancer
Pretty Belle
Any Prom Queen SHS accessories
Secret Beauty
Pretty Puff
SS Crumpet
SS Twilight ~upgrade
SS Satin n Lace
MO Napper~ upgrade
Coco Berry (must have super pink hair)
Flowerburst w/ intact earring
Frilly Flower w/ intact earring
Cherry Treats~ China version (has no forelock)

MO Spike (one with black outlines around eyes)

Any TAF Babies (except DB!) ***
ANY UK Fancypants Variations
Castles (orange twin)
Shovels (blue twin)

ANY Dutch pony~ Almost any condition (except for decapitated or mutilated!)

Also looking for ANY Dutch counterparts! (I count these all as grails and doubles are welcome!)
Dutch Candy = Bon Bon (have!)
Dutch Butterfly = Mommy Meadowsweet (have!)
Dutch Heart = Sweetheart
Dutch Star = Starlight (have!)
Dutch Sing-a-Long = UK Melody (have!)
Dutch Love Letter = Kiss and Tell (have!)
Dutch Diary = Bright Eyes
Dutch Shell = Mommy Sunbrite
Dutch Baby Dolphin = Baby Sunbrite (have!)
Dutch Baby Schoolbag = UK Baby Schoolbag (have!)
Dutch Baby Flower = Baby Diamond
Dutch Baby Cat = Baby Katie
Dutch Baby Rabbit = Snoozy (with bunny symbol)

Italian Posey
Italian Heartthrob
Italian Glory

Argy North Star
Argy Twilight
Argy Baby Posy
*ANY* Argy Fancy Pants Babies!
*ANY* Argy Wingers
Argy Sparkle Flutterbye

*ANY* Spanish Big Brother
*ANY* Spanish TAF Pony
Spanish Flutterbye (upgrade)
Spanish Tickle
Spanish Starflower
Spanish Pinwheel

German Star Shine
German Skydancer
German Baby Murorachen (yellow baby)
German Baby Blubberchen (pink baby)
Night Light

Baby Buttons
Baby Hopscotch
Baby Cherries Jubilee
Good Weather
Baby Meadowsweet (upgrade)
Mommy Sunbrite ***
Thunder Cloud
Sweetheart ***
Bright Eyes (UK) ***
Bon Bon (GOT HER!)
Any UK Dragon except Prickles
Jazzie ***
any CD players for skating ponies
Sweet Clover
Kiss and Make Up
Baby Katie ***
Baby Ruby
Baby Sapphire
Baby Diamond ***
Any accessories for Jewelry babies
Baby Schoolbag ***
Any Seaside Baby Floats
Baby Snoozy (Surprise Newborn w/ bunny symbols) ***
Baby Candy ***
Baby Licorice ***
NBBE Baby Heartthrob

G2s~I am not actively collecting G2s, but there are a few I would like to eventually have. They must have both eye jewels! (Accessories are a welcome plus!)
Secret Tale w/ secret mirror
Flash w/ Skates
Merry Moments
Sweet Berry IV w/ 3D symbols
Romantica w/ wings
Princess Silver Rain
Prince Firefly
Lady Satin Slipper
Prince Blue Dream
Nosy and Click
Copper Glow w/ wings
Night Glow
Night Shine
Magic Butterfly w/ dragon symbols
Magic Diamond Glow~ GRAIL!
Magic Dragonfly
Her Majesty Star
Rumba and Samba

G3s~ Finally took an inventory and added all of the pre- Core 7 ponies that I'm missing! I only collect re-releases that have significant differences. Smile All wanted loose unless otherwise noted. Wink

Birth Flower Ponies- BOTH GRAILS!
February Violet- MIB
August Gladiolas- MIB

Tink-a-Tink-a-Too II MIB
Pinkie Pie III- (Star Swirl's pose)
Shenanigans II- (Strawberry Swirl's pose)
Tangerine Sunset
Dainty Daisy
Rainbow Swirl II- (Star Swirl's pose)
Kimono II- (Star Swirl's pose)
Amazing Grace
Star Flight
Twinkle Twirl II- (Wysteria's pose)
Sunny Daze IV- (Water Fire's pose)
Fancy Free- (must have NO rubs!)
Sunshine Parade
Chilly Breezes (w/ goggles and hat)
Graceful Glimmer
Licensing Show Rarity
UK Rarity (no tinsel, shorter hair)
Licensing Show Pinkie Pie
Lulabella III- (Daffidazey's pose)
Wysteria IV- (Minty's original pose)
Tropical Delight II- (Star Flower's pose)
Magic Marigold II- (Wysteria's pose)
Gardenia Glow- (Berry Picking version, no tinsel)
Gardenia Glow II- (Daffidazey's pose)
Minty VI- (Daffidazey's pose, came with Xmas DVD)
Paradise Island
Soda Float
Amberlocks II- (Family Dollar version, Beachberry's pose)
Starbeam II- (Family Dollar version- Wysteria's pose)
Sweetsong III- (Family Dollar version- Star Flower's pose)
Minty V- (3D symbols)
Rarity II- 3D symbols
Star Catcher II- (molded wings)
Rainbow Swirl III- (pose-able body w/ truck)
Serendipity II- (Easter Egg version- Wysteria's pose)
Twirly Twinkle Twirl
Royal Bouquet II- (Core 7 pose)
Strawberry Swirl- (Core 7 pose)
Triple Treat III- (Core 7 pose)
2010 Comic Convention pony
2011 Comic Convention pony
Bunches of Fun- (no tinsel, no glitter)
Sparkleworks II- (Ballet Fun version, matte, no tinsel)

I have the first three waves of singles, but have yet to see wave four ponies. (and deboxed is just fine!)

Day Lily
Knick Knack
Rose Garden
Snippity Snap
Tiddly Wing
Willow Whisp
Zipzee II


~My Wishlist!~ Thank you Moonbreeze for the wonderful siggy of my Atlas and Mareacooda's Bastet!

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Evil Swap Queen

Joined: Apr 07, 2007
Posts: 4548
Location: Northern Maine

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Wanted to Buy Or Trade

Edit~ Old Post! Smile


~My Wishlist!~ Thank you Moonbreeze for the wonderful siggy of my Atlas and Mareacooda's Bastet!

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Big Brother Pony

Joined: Dec 26, 2003
Posts: 222
Location: The Netherlands

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Wanted to Buy Or Trade

I have a couple of the ponies you're looking for, please check my "Sales" gallery *points to sig*

Liefs, flapflap [Audrey]

Check out my Collection & Trade Pics!

Tradelist /\ Wishlist
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Dazzle Surprise

Joined: Jul 11, 2005
Posts: 707
Location: Tennessee

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: My Complete Want List

I've got Baby Tic Tac Toe for sale. Smile


My Sale/Trade List
My Wish List
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