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Forums » TCB » Wanted! » Salemsparkler's Wishlist
Salemsparkler's Wishlist
Looking for that special pony or set completer? Post wish lists here!
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Author Message
G3 Prototype Pony

Joined: Aug 17, 2008
Posts: 2946
Location: Germany, Ruesselsheim

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Salemsparkler's Wishlist

my wishlist is just an ongoing wishlist with no intentions to buy right now - I will put it in my siggy if I am desperate in buying ponies!
I do not like cancer on my ponies. I am not picky about the conditions of my Nirvanas.

If you are a customiser - I would love a custom of my persona (fizzy green uni in my siggy - just ask in the thread to post pictures of personas...).

G1 Ponies

Flat Foot Peachy

Unicorns, Pegasi and Rainbow Ponies with glittery Symbols:

Baby Sea Ponies:
Sea Sprays Float
Surfys Float

Sea Ponies (all from the same Set):
High Tide's Shell (Shell only/have the pony)
Sand Dollar's Shell (Shell only/have the pony)
Wave Jumper + Shell

Mountain Boys:
Quarterbacks bandana (not the pony)
4-Speeds bandana

Newborn Twins:
Big Top

Soft & Sleepy Newborn:
Sweet Dreams: only Bonnet and Panties, I have the pony
Hushabye: only Bonnet and Panties, I have the pony

Princess Ponies:
Princess Pristina

Bushwoolies Cheerie.
Dragons Sparks (pink with red spines)

Sweetheart Sister Ponies:
Happy Hugs

Colorswirl Ponies:

Teeny Tiny Pony Twins:

Sniffles & Snookums

Sweetie Babies:
Baby Candy
Baby Lollipop

Seaside Babies:
Baby Splish
Baby Splash
All three floats.

Jewellery Babies:
Baby Saphire and jewellery.
Baby Diamond and jewellery.

Great Hair Pony:

Nurse Pony:
Nurse Sweet Heart
any nurse hats.

Surprise Newborns:

Surprise Newborn Bouncy both versions
Surprise Newborn Snoozy "duck"

Family Friends and Family Babies:
Daddy Sunbright

Birthflower Ponies:
Cosmos (October)
Chrysanthemum (November)

Mailorder Sparkle Ponies:
MO Sky Dancer
MO Star Hopper
MO Twinkler

Sweet Talking Pony:
Chatterbox (spanish � working)
Talk-a-lot (spanish � working)

Petite Ponies
Sunsparkle Set Sparkle Ponies: pink/orange one with YELLOW hair - symbol gold ring
All of the Twinkle Set
All of the Bright Sight Set
All of the Glowing Magic Set
Singles (came with playsets): Flurry, Little Flitter, Tabby

Italy Ponies:
Italy Surfdancer with Shell
Italy yellow Minty, red hair
Italy yellow Minty, green hair
Italy yellow Minty, purple hair
Italy Lemon Drop, red hair
Italy Lemon Drop, white and normal hair
Italy Cotton Candy, magenta
Italy Cotton Candy, pink and white hair
Italy magenta Bowtie
Italy Bluemoon
Italy Coral Tickle
Itlay Re-Unicorno, Moondancers Pose
Italy Sunstone
Italy Yellow Moondancer
Italy purple Tootsie

Macau Ponies:
Macau Cotton Candy, palomino (white hair/peach body)

French Ponies:
French Blossom
French Bow Tie
French Parasol
French Twilight
French Sunbeam
French Firefly
French Glory
French Oddballs :-)

Spanish/NC Ponies:
Any Piggy ;D except Piggy Pinky (Cotton Candy), Blossom, Snuzzle and Butterscotch
Spain CJ (have NC)
Spain Pinwheel
Spain Agua Limone
Spain Applejack
Spain Tickle (have NC)
Spain Starflower
Spain Peachy
Any Spain Babies (except BB Bowtie and NC BB Lemondrop)
Any Spain Boys
Any Spain Flutters
Any Spain Sundae Best
Any Spain TEs (except Masquerade, Galaxy)
Any Spain TAFs (except Globitos)

Greek Ponies:
Greek Bluebelle
Greek Blossom
Greek Minty
Greek Firefly (any)
Greek Glory (any)
Greek Medley (any)
Greek Moondancer (any)
Greek Sunbeam (any)
Greek Twilight (any)
Greek Parasol (any)
Greek Skydancer (any)
Greek Starshine
Greek orange Sunlight
Greek Easter Pony
Greek Ladybird Pony
Greek Baby Ponies (any except Baby Peachy)

Argentina Ponies:
Any pony, except Heart-Throb, Sparkler, Medley, Sprinkles, Snuzzle, Baby Fancy Pants green, Baby Butterscotch, Moonstone, Flutterbye paseo and normal, green Lickety-Split, Baby Bluebelle, Gingerbread, Lofty - pinkish grey body and red hair, Baby Cuddles.

Peru Ponies:
Peru Blossom (Pegasus and normal)
Peru Tootsie (yellow)
Peru Medley (white and normal)
Peru Bowtie (uni)
Peru Parasol
Peru Moonstone
Peru Starshine
Peru Whindy
Peru Glory
Peru Cotton Candy
Pery Lickety Split
Peru Baby Bowtie
Peru Baby Medley

Mexico Ponies:
Mexican Bowtie
Mexican Posey
Mexican Firefly
Mexican Skydancer
Mexican Starshine
Mexican Pinwheel
Mexican Starflower
Mexican Moondancer
Mexican CP Blossom
Mexican Bluebelle
Mexican yellow Swirly Whirly
Mexican Prince Sapphire
Mexican Prince Emerald
Mexican Babies (except the Blossoms)
Mexican Cotton Candy
Mexican Baby Sea Ponies (any)

Brazil Ponies:
Any pony, except Sprinkles and Cotton Candy.

India Ponies:
Any Pony made in India

Dutch Release Ponies:

Dutch Butterfly Pony
Dutch Shell Pony
Dutch Star Pony
Dutch Diary Pony
Dutch Love Letter Pony
Dutch Baby Cat Pony
Dutch Baby Flower Pony
Dutch Baby Dolphin Pony

Hasbro Softies (Plush Toy Ponies G1):
Baby Lofty
Baby Lickety Split
Firefly, closed mouth
Starshine, closed mouth
Moondancer, open mouth

Applause Plush (Plush Toy Ponies G1):


Porcelaine Ponies / Figurines:
Baby Blossom
Enchanted Kingdom
Lazy Afternoon
Pony Pals

Pony Playsets:
Home Sweet Home + Yellow Brandi (Show Stable Variant)
Megans Place (Show Stable Variant)
Dream Castle (2nd Edition, Lavender Castle)

Paradise Estate Furniture/Bits:
2 Pink Combs
Pink Perfume Bottle
2 Pink Spoons
2 Pink Knives
2 Pink Forks
1 Pink Glass

Pony Wear – I collect Pony Wear loose and MOC

Pony Wear – I collect Pony Wear loose and MOC

Loose Bits I need:

Pony Workout – Baby Pony Dress and Shoes
Prima Ballerina – Adult Pony Shoes, Baby legwarmers
Ready for Rainbows – Rain slicker and hat Baby, 3 baby rain boots
Neon Lights – Black Belt
City Kids – orange belt, 4 pink bow shoes
Having a Luau – grass skirt, white hat with flower, purple and orange purse
Lights , Camera, Action – white boa, gold choker
Pageant Queen – tiara, miss pony usa sash, silver purse, one lavender bow shoe
Sunday Stroll – adult dress and lace bonnet
Clown Suit – clown pal
Sleepwear – 4 fuzzy green slippers and teddy bear pal
Ice Princesses – purple leggings, pony coat with fur trim, Megans Ice skates, white ribbon
Pretty as a Picture – artist shirt, paint pallet, paint brush, 4 red bow shoes
Rocking the Night Away – pants, head band, 1 multicolored glove, 2 purple bow shoes, guitar
Pony-Naut – space suit, helmet, 2 shoes

Complete Outfits I need (loose):
(I might have the odd shoe spare here)

Elephant Suit and Party Dress
Picnic in the Park
Country Jamboree
Flower Darlings
By the Sea
Sweet Dreams (Megan and Pony)
Sidewalk Surfer
Pony Holiday (minus 2 shoes)
Abra-Ca-Dabra (minus 2 shoes)
Academy Award
Galaxy Glamour
In the Center Ring

I have MOC (all the others MOC are on my wishlist then):
Pony Luv
Pom Pom Pony
From the Designer Collection
Sun And Fun

Others and Hard to Find Ponies:

Sweet Scoops
Li l Cupcake and Li l Sweetcake
Baby Sugarcake and Baby Gametime
Coat n Tails, magenta Satin n Lace and So Soft Satin n Lace
Baby Princess Sparkles Buggy (I have BB P Sparkle)

Best Friends bunny and Kitty.
Chocolate Delights Chocolate ice cream with drinking straw.

Mommy Charms:
Funny Face
Secret Keeper
Hugs and Kisses
Pretty Please
Little Helper
Tiny Tumbler
Happy Dancer
Fun Lover

Puffy Stickers (Ponies/Pony Wear) - I have Tootsie, Lickety Split and Royal Pony.

G1 My Little Pony magazine/comic:
My little Pony Magazine (England): 1-22, 44, 26, 28, 33, 40, 57, 59-61, 63, 64, 66, 68, 69, 76, 79, 83, 90, 96, 98-135, 137-191, 193, 195 - everything after this one.

Mein kleines Pony Magazin (Germany): (only)The very first one.

G1-MLP Merchandise
- Pencil Toppers (have none yet)
- Stick on Clocks (have none yet)
- Tape Case (have none yet)
- Pony Stampers (have Bow Tie and Seashell)
- Shrinky Dinks (have none yet)
- Walkman with Sunbeam
- Walkie Talkies with Sunbeam
- Pony Pins, Pony Pendants, Pony Hairties
- Pony Posters of any Kind
- Pony Leaflets
- Moondancer Clock
- Pencil by Number Sets (have none yet)
- 3-D Puzzles (have none yet)
- Paintable Pony Statues/Plaster Molds (have none yet)
- Lite-Brite Pages (have none yet)
- Lunchboxes (have the one with the TAFs)
- Ironing Board
- Gumball Machine (Firefly and Baby Firefly)
- Pony Round Up Game
- Pony Folders
- Coloring Books
- Candy Container
- Bubble Bath Containers (Ponyshape/normal - I have MGR Tassles)
- Address Book
- Coin Bank (have Blossom, Bow Tie and Tootsie/Plastic)
- Bed Blanket
- Duffel Bags (have none yet)
- Erasers (have the lavender unicorn) and a set from Germany
- Pencils (have some)
- Magnetix Set
- Sticker Books (have a German one now)
- Sticker Collectors Albums (have none yet)
- Watches (have one with a pink pony, Flip Open)
- Vanity Sets (I have Sparkler brush and Skyflier Mirror loose)

G2 Ponies

Secret Surprise Ponies:
Magic Motion Ponies:
Bright Bramley (only this one - moveable leg!), Dizzy Lizzy, Petal Blossom (only this one - head turns!!!)
Castle Friends:
Princess Morning Glory (only the castle friends one), Princess Sweet Berry

Secret Surprise Ponies:
Wing Song (only the one with her front legs together!!!)
Magic Motion Ponies:
Dainty Dove's Wings
Magic Motion Families:
Baby Tickle Heart, Baby Honeyberry
Light Up Ponies:
Fern, Morning Glory V
Polka, Dot, Stardust, Moondust
Princess Ponies:
Princess Firefly
Royal Twins:
Sweetheart, Trueheart, Fire, Flame

Sweet Snowflake

Bits from the Giggle Garden nursery (Playset): 3 of the "legs" that hold the bridge and the ladder, all of the little toys and the crayon/chalk
Wedding Carriage with Baby Fleur

Secret Surprise Ponies:
Jolly, Tenderheart
Changing Mane and Tail Ponies:
Sky Skimmer, Golden Light.
Magic Motion Families:
Floral and Baby Petal
Nosy, Click, Study and Play
Royal Lady Ponies:
Lady Dragonfly, Lady Elegant, Lady Rainbow, Lady Waterfall
Unicorn with Magic Wings:
Silver Glow's Wings (wings only - have the pony)
Romantic Couple Ponies:
Princess Flora
Playset Ponies:

Changing Hair Ponies:
Hobby Ponies:
Globetrotter, Medicin, Eve, Precious
Apple Pie and Flora
Fantasy Hair Ponies:
White Pearl, Night Glow, Night Shine
Purse Ponies:
Glittery Heart, Glittery Skater, Glittery Study
Musical Ponies:
Melody and Muse
Princess Ponies:
Her Majesty Ballerina, Her Majesty Pearl, Her Majesty Flower, Her Majesty Star
Magician Ponies:
Magic Butterfly - green (with dragon symbol), Magic Star Swirl, Magic, Diamond Glow, Magic Dragonfly
Unicorn with Magic Wings:
Diamond Glow and Golden Glow
Holiday Playsets:
Blue and Pink Pony AND Playsets
Pony School

Wednesday Afternoon:
Bride, Gardener, Dancer
New Hair Feature:
Dress Up Ponies:
Teddy, honey, Waterlily
Fantasy Hair Ponies:
Springly and Springdy
Musical Ponies:
Play Area Twins:
Sunshine, Sunny, Rose, Lily, Rumba and Samba
Purse Ponies:
Playset Ponies:
Sailing boat (have the twins), Mommy and Baby AND Mansion
Mailorder Pony Seabreeze

Light Heart, Dainty Dove, Sundance, Tipsy Tulip, Moon Shadow, Morning Glory.

Any G2 Comic magazines (I dont have any - but would really really love some).

And obviously the blue haired Pony with Ivy's Symbol!

Random G3s

Orange Halloween Pony with the cat symbol.
TAF Pony Project Pony
Ponyville Starsong's Stageshow Bus thing
Any G3 Birthflower or Birthstone Pony (have non yet)
G3 Snowflake (Winter Pony 2003)
G3 Candy Cane (Winter Pony 2003)
G3 Crystal Lake (2004)
G3 Wind Wisher (2004)
G3 Winterberry (2004)
G3 Savannah Sage (2004)
G3 Piccolo (2004)
G3 Shenanigans (2004)
G3 Sparklesnap (2004)
G3 Port-o-Bella (2004)
G3 Lickety Split (2004)

I still need some of the US McDonalds Ponies: none from 2005/2008, from the G3.5 style ones all except Rainbow Dash and Starsong. I also need Mc Donalds Ponyvilles Minty, Kimono, Shenanigans and Skywishes.

G4 items/ponies
Pinkie Pie Bubble Blower (I'd love to get my hands on one!!!!)
Rainbow Dash Keychain/Keyring with the seethrough/glittery ponies on them (I have Pinkie Pie).
Any G4 Merch as we dont have a lot around here!

Any further information about me: I have a newborn daughter Molly and a cat called Rita. I love arts and crafts and anything creative/handmade. I am a designer and hobby musician - I play the banjo, mandolin and guitar. I love chocolate, especially with peanut butter, mint, caramel, nugat and marsipan. I dont like candy, gummy and hersheys chocolate (although I love Reeses). My favourite colours are green, purple/lilac and white.

thanks for looking
salemsparkler/sparkler xx Flirty

Salemsparkler's Wishlist

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Ouchy Roids Pony

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Salemsparkler's Wishlist

Pm'd you

Check out Chloe's G1 MLP Memorobilia for sale:
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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Salemsparkler's Wishlist

Pm'ed you too Smile

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