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Commission Artist
Discuss, Display, Request, Offer
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Author Message
Luck of the Irish

Joined: Aug 15, 2009
Posts: 3215
Location: In a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

Contact in pm or DA

Commission status OPEN

Examples of my work

ragdoll, birds of prey, Nightmares, Celtic Tribals, full body repaint, rehairing, sculpting
I have a new airbrush I am learning to use
I will give anything a try

Prices start at $10 for basic baby customs and $25 for basic adult customs and depend on the design

Payment paypal

Shipping is $4 unless the custom is advanced with sculpted parts


Custom trades always OPEN

Current customs status list

Luckys wishlist
Lucky on Deviant Art
Lucky's Ebay sales

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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

Joined: Feb 05, 2007
Posts: 814
Location: Deutschland/Saarland

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist


Please contact me with a PM

Commission Status : closed

Links to examples of your work
pairs Homepage
My deviantart

Corsetted Customs:
Lady Pi
Ponys with playfriend:
Fairy customs with Fantasy Film wings, examples:
Pointing Butterfly
Dark Diamond
Purple Feather
Sculpting, examples:
"Comic" hair, examples:

Pricing Details:
Thats hard to say. Normally I calculate the price for a custom if I know how much of work it will be, more elaborated -> price increase.
Customs I have a "about" price range:

Fairy customs with Fantasy Film wings: about 33Euro
"Comic" Hair customs: about 28Euro (without reposing)
Corsetted Customs: about 45€
Pony with playfriend: about 39€

If you have a idea for your custom in mind, please dont hesitate to ask me what I want for Smile

Shipping Details:
I will calculate your shipping before I start with your custom and before you gave me your order. So you can charge the complete amount with shipping for your cutie. Normally it is, registered between 4 and 9Euro

Payment Details:
Here you can calculate Euro to USDollar or other currencys
Within Europe I accepte, and PREFER banktransfer paypal is possible.
Outside of Europe you can pay by paypal only.
I require half of the total cost of the custom brief before starting it, and the other half if your pony is done.

Currently for sale:
For sale

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Pony Corral Mod
Pony Corral Mod

Joined: Jul 23, 2008
Posts: 8708
Location: Sitting in the warm sun

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: butterflybuttons

Email: staceyatkins01 @ but I prefer a PM

Commission Status (open or closed) CLOSED until 2012

Links to examples of your work
or more updated:

Specialties, if any: dying, sculpting, full body repaint. I will give anything a try. I only use dollyhair or donar hair. I also just got an compresser for my airbrush, so I will be offering that soon too.

Pricing Details all prices are in US dollars

I start at $20, for a rehair and simple symbols/ eyes/ blush on a G3 baby.
G1 baby or G3 adult+ $5-$10.
Styling bait, G1 adult or G2 +$5-$30.
Dying or body repaint with airbrush+ $5-$20.
Sculpting + $5- $50+, depending on compexity/size.
Eye jewels (from the jewelers, not flatbacks) +$5- $20(styling size) a pair.
Tinsel +$4-$8.
TAF design +$5- $15.

Shipping Details I ship worldwide from Australia, postage not included in price.

Payment Details paypal

Links to any customs currently for sale: none


MH swap replacement: forgot one last detail

For Mersu-desu

Axel Kingdom hearts: on hold

Edward Elrick: painting, needs hair styled

Baby Swap: painting.


thanks pickwick_pirate and Lina
my want list looking for yellow Daisy Sweet's tail.
2011 Aussie pony fair

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Lil Sweetcake Sister Pony

Joined: Jun 11, 2010
Posts: 1119
Location: an island in New England

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name

* Lunamoth *


* lunamoth25 @ *

Commission Status

* PM me for slot availability *

My pricing scale is loosely structured like this:

Basic pony - single or two-tone hair, average to short length. Simple hairstyle, basic curls or a simple twist. Repainted eyes and symbol. symbol is a simple design.

McDonald's or fakie - $10
baby g1 - $15
adult g1 - $25
baby g3 - $15
adult g3 (regular pose, i.e. Breezie or Bee-bop) - $20
adult g3 (alternate poses i.e. Starswirl, valenshy, Summerberry) - $30

specialty ponies i.e. Windy Wings, flutters, styling size, seaponies, Big Brothers, baby brothers - please contact me for details & availability

i will offer a 10% discount if you can provide the bait, and i will knock off a little more if you can send me the bait fully prepped! <3

Additional offerings - these all are priced on an individual basis:

full-body repaints or dye jobs **$5
multiple hair colors (3-15+ shades) **$5-$10
intricate hairstyles - ringlets, pinned twists, updo, bangs **$5-$10
sculpting - from simple (adding a horn) to full-body complex sculpting **$5 + (dependent on complexity)
pose changing **$15 +
wire & beadwork **$10
de-BBE a baby **$5

theme specialties:
Hasbro-inspired customs
sports logo ponies
non-traditional MLP looks (i.e. no symbol, species change, etc)
g4 style

i also will do some restoration work i.e. rehairing, touch-up painting

Apoxie Sculpt * nylon doll hair from * acrylic paint - liquitex & americana * Liquitex high-gloss and matte sealant * steel, copper, brass, anodized wires * RIT dye * liquid metal leafing - copper, silver, gold

Lunamoth's deviantArt gallery

Customs for sale

1)Steampunk Swap - halfway done
2)Epic Cartoon Swap - waiting partner
3)Superhero Swap - waiting partner
4)livejournal customer - waiting design confirmation
5)Lina - private swap - working on my end of request details Smile
6) darknessunisousboy - waiting bait


**Come visit my dA gallery** commissions CLOSED **
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Sweet Scoops Pony w/Charm

Joined: Mar 14, 2005
Posts: 2392
Location: Puebla, Mexico

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: Ambar_jul
Email: please pm me here, in deviantArt or in the TP
I have a lot of imagination and i like the sculpt, i always try to make it perfect!!! or as close to what you want. I don´t use airbrush
Pricing Details:
Since 35 USD to.... UP, depends on the work in sculpture and painting details. Please request an estimated
Shipping Details: Shipping from MEXICO,the charges depends on your country.
Payment Details: Paypal only please, i have 2 options:
a) we can divide the payments in a half before the start and the other when i finish.
b) or the total at the end of the custom, but if the payment isn´t make, or i haven´t any information about you, I reserve the right to sell it in other place.
Customs for sale: lots pm me Smile



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Off Topic Mod

Joined: Aug 28, 2008
Posts: 12679
Location: almost florida

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: kaoskat
Email: though I am more likely to recieve PMs faster since I check my email about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less
Commission Status (open or closed): open
Links to examples of your work: kaoskat MLP
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings): I don't think I have one. I can do full body repaints, handpainted symbols and eyes, and rehairing. I'm currently learning how to style hair and am willing to try anything. I don't like sculpting much but can do minor things with that (unicorn horns for instance). I prefer to handstitch clothing for ponies and don't do sculpted clothes. I also make the outfits removeable. Anyway, you can check my site to see what I mean and all the things I can do so far. I'm willing to attempt anything though.
Pricing Details: Basic Customs starting at $20, I love doing custom trades though
Shipping Details: Up to the buyer. Typically first class with delivery confirmation inside the US. In my experience it seem to get there faster than with priority in most cases. Insurance is optional. I pack them well and securely. Since there usually isn't much sculpting, it's unlikely to be damaged anyway but the mail can be crazy so they always go in boxes with lots of packing.
Payment Details: Paypal, payment is required immediately when custom is complete and before shipping.
Links to any customs currently for sale: kaoskat's sales thread

I typically finish customs in a matter of days except for the rehairing as I usually have to wait for an order to arrive. That I can't control. It's completely up to where I ordered the hair from how long it takes. I will check in when I complete painting and, if an outfit is being made, again when that is complete, then once more after the rehair before shipping. I can supply you with pics at any point or not that is up to you. I do require a shipping address before I start in case something happens to my connection, I can still contact you. I live in a hurricane prone and often just stormy area. Nothing has happened to keep me away yet, but I like to be prepared just in case.


Baby CC's Adventureskaoskat's CustomsCommissions & custom trades closed!
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Dazzle Surprise

Joined: Aug 30, 2009
Posts: 673
Location: Australia

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: Claramel

Email: padawanclaramel @

Commission Status: open!

You can see examples of my work in my deviantart gallery here!

I strive to make my customs as flawless as possible by putting a lot of time and effort into painting neat symbols and smooth sculpting. I reserve the right to not take on commissions based on subject matter but I do take on many different styles and themes in my customs. I prefer to customise G3 ponies but will do G1 and G2. If you'd like a G1 or G2 pony I may have to charge extra to find the bait body.

- detailed painting
- sculpting (can do wings/clothes/symbols/headresses/masks etc)
- rehairing with dollyhair saran or nylon + extra plugs, boil perms and twists with pearl pins.
- airbrushing
- sewn clothing (not corsets!) and beading
- diamontes
- wings (custom windy wing wings etc.)

Pricing Details: All prices are in US dollars.

Prices start at $40 and include worldwide postage (if registered post is required then the extra amount will be added on to the base price).

$40 - Smaller symbols (not TAF), rehair (in any colours), includes hair styling and diamontes e.g. Dutch Kitten
$50 - small sculpting i.e. symbol scupting or TAF symbols (bigger symbols), rehair etc. e.g. custom Toola and Periwinkle and Celtic spirit
$60 - full body repaint (airbrushed) and/or more detailed sculpting and/or sewn clothing, rehair etc. e.g. fruit salad and Phantom of the Opera and Applejack remix
$80-$100 - winged customs or customs that involve a lot of sculpting e.g. blue wren and highland pony and Azura

Shipping Details: I live in Australia so postage takes longer, however postage costs are included in the prices listed above. If you want registered post or express etc. I will add on the extra cost over $9. I will offer you a discount if you live in Australia as postage is cheaper.

Payment Details: I prefer payment with paypal but am open to other options such as international money order or bank deposit. I require full payment before I start the custom. I will accept a 50% non-refundable deposit at the start and the rest to be paid after the custom is finished if you prefer this method.

Links to any customs currently for sale:
I currently have for sale: Opera Diva - $30 including shipping.

Please feel free to PM me! I'm always open to new ideas!


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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

Joined: Aug 17, 2004
Posts: 8188
Location: Eastern Iowa

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: Kalavista

Email: kalavista @

Commission Status: Open

Link to my work:

Specialties: I do lots of Hasbro-inspired customs (mainly G1 to G3); I love to glam up Hasbro designs with sparkles, Swarovski crystals, charms, and other details. I do a lot of tribal designs and tattoo-inspired designs also.

Pricing Details: Most customs are around $45.

Shipping Details: My prices include US shipping with delivery confirmation. Worldwide shipping is just $5. I ship at least once every week, often twice a week.

Payment Details: Paypal preferred.

Customs currently for sale:


Kalavista on DeviantArt
CHECK OUT my clearance-priced customs on eBay! Thank you SourdoughStomper for Christmas Tigersilk!
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Lil Cupcake Sister Pony

Joined: May 17, 2010
Posts: 983
Location: Denver Colorado

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name

pm. only

Commission Status

Links to examples of your work


sculpted work ~ Apoxie Sculpt
Hand Painted Symbols
getting better with Dying

Pricing Details
In general, prices for customs start here and go up depending on what you are looking for.

baby $25
adult $30 I only have common G1's and lot's of G3's

Shipping Details
Usa $5
outside the us send me a pm.

Payment Details
I accept Paypal

Links to any customs currently for sale

Current customs status list

steampunk swap - paint

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Lil Sweetcake Sister Pony

Joined: Oct 12, 2005
Posts: 1137
Location: Berlin/ Germany

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen name: Isabella_Klein

Contact Me:

--> via PM here
--> Email to Isabella_Klein @ (48hrs check guaranteed)

Commissions: OPEN

Trades: ALWAYS open!

Isabella's Customs


Sculpting - Airbrushing - Hair gradients - detailed painting - ???

Please take a look at my gallery to see the variety:

Use of Doll's Eyes
Ponies with electric gimicks
Hasbro Replicas



WITHOUT Sculpting: vary from 15$ (Newborns) - 50$ (special Rapunzel wishes)
WITH Sculpting: very difficult to specify --> please contact me with your ideas and I'll give you the price idea we can discuss about!

Gradients, special hair color wishes or grandients are included!

Payment and Shipping:

Due to bad experiences payment has to be done before the comissions start or at least 1/2 before and 1/2 after the work, depends on the feedback of the commissioner!

Payment has to be done via Paypal from overseas, via IBAN/BIC from Europe, money transfer from Germany

Shipping costs: different - depend on the weight of the package (0- 500g: 5$, 501 - 1000g: 10$)

Available customs: NONE at the moment

Current Commitments: NONE at the moment, commission ME!

Additional information:
I have a stressful full time job during the week so customising is not fully available - but I'm very picky with checking back with comissioners all the time and guarantee 100% satisfaction with the final product!

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Rapunzel Pony

Joined: Sep 09, 2009
Posts: 4091
Location: Hamburg, Germany

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name

pm me, please.

Commission Status
CLOSED (waitinglist is CLOSED also... sorry)

My customs so far (with average prices what a similar custom would cost
Baby Comet 20 Euro.
Blue Heart Throb 30 Euro.
Aurorainbow 40 Euro.
Foo Q 40 Euro.
Puuush 40 Euro.
Nightfire 40 Euro.
Arys Spellcaster 40 Euro
Seth 45 Euro.
Rainbow Swirl 50 Euro.
Peacock 60 Euro.
Anubis 70 Euro.
Red Riding Hood 80 Euro.
Celtic – Mystic pond guardian 90 Euro.

G1, G3
I love sculpting and challenging designs.
I love to do settings, bases and dioramas.
Full body repaints.
Armoured ponys.
No Hasbro replikas. (Maybe variants)

IMPORTANT: I never do a pony twice. I need a little variation. Other symbols, colours or pose – anything. Please consider that. Thank you. Flirty Pony

Pricing Details
See above.
In general:
Babys 20+
Adults 30+
Just ask, we sort it out.

Shipping Details
Shipping is extra (5.50 Euro worldwide) and I'm located in Germany. I'll send worldwide.

Payment Details
paypal please.

Links to any customs currently for sale:
None at the moment.

Waiting List:

Trades list CLOSED

Edited: 11th Oct 2011


wanted | sale | puuush | deviantart avatar by emuel, sigs by lina and sds. thank you!

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G3 Prototype Pony

Joined: May 25, 2009
Posts: 2850
Location: Turku, Finland

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: Griffin
Contact me: PM preferred, email haawan(at)
Commission Status: Closed (PM/email me if you want to be placed on the waiting list)
Trade status: Closed
Links to examples of your work:

Haawan Pony Customs
My deviantART gallery

I customize both G1 and G3, and other generations upon request. Let me know if you have a certain pose and/or generation in mind. Naturally you can provide your own bait if you wish. An expensive or HTF bait (boys etc.) will affect the price just like other material costs.


Full body repaints, sculpting, animal art, detailed painting, Celtic knotwork...

I prefer to do full body repaints, so you may want another artist for Hasbro replicas or any other factory-flawless work.

Pricing Details:


Shipping Details: Shipping is extra and depends on your location and the weight of the custom, I'm located in Finland. (I'll probably give a discount for any expensive customs, though Wink )
Payment Details: Paypal, please.
Links to any customs currently for sale:
Majesty sculpture (30 € + shipping)


DA | Aithne reference ¤ Jack reference | Haawan Pony Customs
Thanks to Cassu and Syrcaid for my avi & sig!

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Arena Supporter
Arena Supporter

Joined: Sep 04, 2005
Posts: 4691
Location: Ottawa Canada

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name: Elfpony

Email: Elfpony @, but you're better to PM me here

Commission Status (open or closed): Open, also for custom trades

Links to examples of your work:




Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings):
full body repaints
small detail work on symbols/eyes
hand-sewn clothes
nylon rehair
apoxie clay sculpting
Maneki Ponies
I'm open to trying anything new, as well

Pricing Details:
G1, G2, G3, G4 regular sized custom pony
Basic pony custom (rehairing, symbol and eye repaint): $30
Full body repaint and/or small sculpt (symbol, horn): Add $3
Medium sculpt (small wings, MGR blanket): Add $10
Large sculpt (large wings, full MGR): Add $15
Full sculpt (full outfit): ask for quote

Ponyville custom
Full repaint: $25
Added sculpting (horn, wings): Add $3

Maneki Ponies
$10 each or 3 for $25. Will do Hasbro ponies or Personas.

Custom pony clothes (hand sewn)
Stockings: $6
Skirt: $10
Corset: $15

Shipping Details: You pay actual shipping costs for commissions, for trades we each pay for our own shipping.

Payment Details: payment required before shipping, after you've seen a picture of the finished custom. I accept Paypal (prefered), Money Orders, or trades (custom or pony/accessories)

Links to any customs currently for sale:

Any questions? PM me!


NorthernElf on Deviantart
Open for art and custom commissions. PM me. Wishlist/Collection Photos, etc.
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Dabbles Pony

Joined: Jan 12, 2007
Posts: 1378
Location: Fort Worth, TX/Louisville, KY

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name- Anime_Amy
Email- xxanimeamyxx @

Commission Status- CLOSED
Trade Status- Maybe

Links to examples of your work-
Specialties, if any- Extreme sculpting, Airbrushing, Fully sculpted characters, Wings, Creating the impossible lol.

Pricing Details- Varies- Please ask for a quote.

Shipping Details- Will take payment for shipping after custom is completed and I can give an exact shipping cost.

Payment Details- Paypal or money orders.

Links to any customs currently for sale-

I < 3 Doctor Who -- You Never Forget Your First Doctor
Custom Commissions Are Closed
My Want List
I Wear Pink For My Mom
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Dabbles Pony

Joined: Mar 18, 2004
Posts: 1457
Location: East Greenville, PA

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist

Screen Name:Murbella64
Commission Status: OPEN
Link to examples of your

Specialties, if any:Sculpting tiny details, fantasy film, re-hairs
Pricing Details:
McD's(hard tail cut and rehaired and total body dye/paint) $10
with sculpting(depending on detail) $11-$15
G1 and G2(rehair and symbols) starting at $15, with full-body repaint or dye $20-$25, Sculpt work (including wings, clothes, etc)$25-$50
G1 babies, G3, 3.5, 4 (rehair and symbols)$10, full-body repaint or dye $15-$20, Sculpt work $20-$35
Styling G3 (rehair and symbols) $25-$40, Full-repaint or dye $30-$45, Sculpt $40-$65
Shipping Details: I'll ship anywhere and however you like at cost
Payment Details: I likes me paypal the best, but I'll take MO's
Links to any customs currently for sale: Styling Paradise SOLD->

Because of how slow I am, I only take Three comissions at a time because I don't want to make people wait too long.


Thanks for your business:)


Thanks to Dizziness for my avi

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