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Forums » TCB » Trader & Classifieds Support » 2003-2006 Scammers w/ & Potential Watch List
2003-2006 Scammers w/ & Potential Watch List
Help with your Trades, Sales, and Auctions, including ebay
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PostPosted: 0    Post subject: 2003-2006 Scammers w/ & Potential Watch List

For current information please see this thread:

*last update 10/22/06 by MA*

(This post is in progress, any links that you see are missing and need to be added here please post and I will combine them. Because I'm in the US I am not well versed in international areas and how their post works. So help out please! Poke Tounge )

Obviously if you are in this forum you are in a good place to help yourself and others from potential bad deals. Share about experiences (ongoing or completed) that you think others need to be aware of here, please utilize these links listed below as well. If people do not speak out about bad trades/buys that they encountered, it can very well happen again, so make sure to let people know!

A Filtering Tool to See the Negative and Neutral Feedback of an Ebay Seller/Buyer! *thanks to Amethyst for this nifty tool*:

ToolHaus Negative/Neutral Filter Tool

Links to Check or Leave Feedback on a Potential Buyer/Seller
MLP Arena Trader Feedback

Fiona's Feedback Forum*hosted by ezboard and has been wiped clean by a hack job, people may still be using it though so look for recent feedback only*

My Little Pony Trading Post Trader Feedback*originally hosted by ezboard and was been wiped clean by a hack job, moved to a new board on the same system type as the Arena so no older feedbacks but secure now*

Elite of Ponyland Traders-Group site of experienced and often well-known traders. Have at least a 1yr established positive history in the community.

Various Ebay Services incl. Dispute Resolution and Protection



Ebay Listing Violations and link to Reporting Offenders

*keep in mind when checking for the link to report an offender to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link, because ebay requires an individual to be signed in to report a violation I couldn't give a direct link and located one instead on a common inquiry. Upon clicking it you will be prompted to enter your ebay information.*

Paypal's Buyer and Seller Protection (is not foolproof in some cases but worth a shot if you used paypal in the situation) You need to be logged in to register a complaint.

When all else fails and you have been scammed consider report the individual for Mail Fraud if the incident falls within US postal service jurisdiction

This is a list of people you should watch out for when making a trade, or selling on ebay.

Toynostalgiaman on ebay Nasty feedback record, does not send items, and has had paypal rule in buyers favor against them: <>

4speed-lucky2005/MLPFUNCLUB/raoul/rluiz/winterpilow/raul r /Raul2808/skidoodle/queroponei/sellcollector/licensestuffs : This ebay person has been known to scam both ways. They will buy through paypal then claim the items were never sent. Also sells HTF Brazilian ponies Be cautious when dealing with Brazillian buyers and sellers until you know it isnt him.


Baby Abacus


MOC ebay seller, many people claimed to never receive their items.

mydisneystuff2005: Ebay seller, has sold the same disney ponies to different people, takes peoples money but doesnt send their items.

PatyBrazil: sells brazilian ponies but never sends them out.

Rainbow Raindrops Scams via community by saying money orders were shipped out but never actually were, ran a raffle that allowed herself to win the first prize. See link: <>


Pineappleparadise/TarzanandJane-see these threads for details: <>

webserver1.ussitehost....b9b2673b25 <>

ALSO found out early September of 2005 Pineappleparadise came back to the community under the names of spongebob and spongebob squarepants in order to rip ppl off and is banned, see this thread for details: <>

_MIMIC_/ponygarden/Tajci/andreas_schliker-goes by Tanya/Tanja/Eva Schliker/skyline_racer84: sells rare ponies without shippng them out(recall:NSS Paradise, a ss deflocked). Sells on "Tradera" and has been suspended on more than one occasion. *update* June 05-selling a deflock on ebay, claims she doesnt know name of pony to get more $$ and to save self when buyer realizes its a deflock.
*Update 8/28/05* Huge altercation over an auction, misrepresented shipping services and may have ripped off a seller on a large amt of money, left unwarranted negative feedback see link below: <>

Scottandgabby/gabby-Non paying bidder multiple times in MLPArena Auctionhouse


:known scammer on ebay and in the pony community, see this post for details: webserver1.ussitehost....748fd3efcf <>

Baddoggies: Was given plenty of time to send her items out but hasnt done so yet with many people and was incredibly slow for the ones she did. Still owes a very expensive pony lot to Tornadolovesmelody, no word as of 10/09/05, purchase was back in MARCH.
*UPDATE 1/26/06* Please see this thread as Baddoggies has posted to sort out outstanding transactions:;start=15 <>

BabyStarshine (ebay name: birkat_furoszt)
and echoharmony(ebay name: hobbitecho):
see this thread for details <>
Returned to the pony community as Lovely and hid her identity. Has been rebanned but people are still waiting on ponies from transactions they did with her under the new alias. See this thread if you are still within a transaction:

Star7502 on EBAY- Misrepresents items re: condition, cleanliness, authenticity of flutter wings, may have sent out a completely different item from what was auctioned before as well. Will fight and accuse buyers of lying. See thread for details on two instances: <>

PunkyGothicPony, PunkyKrista, PrincessAnyaOfEngland, KristatheGoth, punky_krista, princesslove-a-lot, mr2mk1owner - Be very wary of purchasing anything from this seller, see thread link below. Do so completely at your own risk, and always pay with paypal so you have some recourse. Members have that she makes false claims through Paypal to get refunds. Always get tracking if selling. She has been uncooperative.

Purple Rainbow - disapeared off the board leaving many people waiting for the trades and/or pruchases. Continues to sell on Ebay as ? but won't return PM's or emails.

woody-has been given plenty of time to ship things out, but hasn’t. Also never contacted her traders.
exin_goblin-rehairs ponies and sells them, oversharges prices and does not mention the rehair.
charri27 (no longer a registed user)-doesn’t ship out items sold

MOUSYGIGGLES-involved in mail fraud, after the big plushies. See this thread for details:
scraphappymomma or forbiddencandy

Brooke Kutik, brookekuha, Dawn Kutik, Mary, Mimi Chin, Amanda Sicole, Mary Rutik, Babybuttercup1
-known scammer, been in the community for years. See this thread for other links:


MLPCammy/ApplejackandFizzy—Lexi. Ebay ids: igonnawinthis/ blossomforth1/ g3collector/ spending$onponies / babyshenanigans / whiteshoegirl / mlpbutterflyisland / iridescentsorceress / starblossoms . Current ebay id-mimicblossom: known ids to be updated.

Bills Toys- Ships late, many people arent recieving their items or money back, dodgy communication. See these threads for details:

Please be sure to add a delivery conformation when you can; it can make the difference.

[b]List of recent banned members for the MLPARENA.

The lists probably overlap somewhat. You can decide for yourself if you want to do transactions with a banned member. If you want more details, please pm a mod.
MLPCammy/ApplejackandFizzy—Lexi, other ids to be updated
BabyStarshine /Lovely
Spongebob-who is found to be previously banned member pinneappleparadise
GeckoQueen, being looked into 10/06

PrettyKitty on EBAY - sells MIP Mail Order pony and routinely charges $20 or more for shipping a single pony. Not willing to negotiate shipping and will not give refunds for overcharge.

Ebay name - johnnydeppswife
Hard to work with and will be rude or refuse to reply to pm's when there's a problem. Sent items without proper packaging and/or confirmation even when asked to and paid to.

Ferferner, ebay ids of: katysfindsfu/kurtis1320/Ferferners/Flutterberry/jkriewald/pbhome
Multiple ID's that are hard to track down, a lot of negative feedback spread out for many different ebay ids. Multiple complaints over years of a hard to track down buyer/seller. Many people have been left waiting for their paid/traded items for months. Many missing packages, late packages, incorrect items in packages sent, incorrect shipping prices due to incorrect shipping types (sent ponies by media mail?!). Seller has offered 'freebies' and or discounts on previous mistakes, a choice of the buyer if you want to get involved given habitual complaints and worry from many ebay buyers and community members. Paypal complaints have been filed and won against this individual as well.

Check seller's feedback here <>

(read through all to see mix of good and bad) and see the links below as well: <> <> <> <>

iaprincess on ebay-Grossly overcharges on shipping to cover what is 'lost' on ponies that are sold, against ebay rules and regulations. Has two incidences with members from here in particular that are referenced. Confusion/Speculation on if her mother Robin or her daughter is using the id's on the posting boards through the community, see last thread for explanation, came out during complaint of overpriced items bought by a member: <> <> <> <> <>

stillplayswithtoys/ponylandexpress/texasbettas/jollymollyolly on ebay <> <>

Very slow unwilling shipper, has done an alarming amount of name jumping in the last few months. Lies about dates that items are shipped and needs to be hounded for what is due. FYI Has created a forum that looks dead: <>

But still watch in case anyone might want to sign up.

Also seems to have had a money order go missing on her end sent by a member:;t=24529 <>

And lastly has sent wrong service to an international buyer from our community:;t=11114 <>

Individual who changed name from vicky060604 to dreamworld2006 after members at MLPARENA noticed a shill bidder on vicki's auctions by the name of rollerboy060604....incident was reported, rollerboy had ebay privileges revoked, and the original seller is now selling under name of dreamworld2006. Beware auctions, many second chance offers at jacked up prices due to shill bidding across auctions in the past. <>

irkosz- Possible non payer/timewaster (yellow zone)


Buying form mexico: Some people are getting “fakie’ boxes and selling them on ebay. See this thread for details.


geminis1968toys/car*ang/carolina angel: Sold items sometimes not received, says she takes paypal, then says she doesn’t, hard to deal with.


62301taylor-time waster, does not pay.

((milkshakes scammer email through paypal)-- <>

lilpandora-slow shipper, some items not received


Gusty85/Mylittleponywillsaveusall-came clean, shipps very late.

Lavender_Lace-see this post for details:

GeckoQueen—possible shill-bidding

Please note this list is constantly being updated. If you know of anyone who should be on here, please PM Melodys Angel or Rosesare with details.
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