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 How disappointed are you about the Core 7? (Results - 569 votes)
 Have you taken a pony on vacation with you? (Results - 364 votes)
 Have you taken a pony on vacation with you? (Results - 10 votes)
 Do you have your grail pony? (Results - 424 votes)
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 Sisters Megan and Molly both had this pony: (Results - 685 votes)
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 Quick Poll: Did you enter the free Member Appreciation Raffle? (Results - 195 votes)
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 Dream Beauties were advertised as "grown up ponies". (Results - 400 votes)
 What about the boys? (Results - 372 votes)
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 Do you think of them as... (Results - 309 votes)
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 Using the Breaking News link up top, which is your favorite? (Results - 225 votes)
 On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best), how is Hasbro's G3 unicorn design? (Results - 278 votes)
 Do you want to see more super curly haired ponies like Precious Gem? (Results - 256 votes)
 How much did you spend on Ebay for ponies in September? (Results - 233 votes)
 Who is your favorite Halloween pony? (Results - 307 votes)
 Who is the Princess Pony of the G3 line as seen in the Princess Promenade video? (Results - 364 votes)
 What percent of your collection has cancer or mold issues? (Results - 176 votes)
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 Favorite Generation? (Results - 360 votes)
 Would you like Hasbro to continue the points program? (Results - 263 votes)
 Are you happy Hasbro made Breezies? (Results - 302 votes)
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 Your Mom buys you MLP underwear in your size. You...... (Results - 298 votes)
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 Did you get a Comic Con-Pony Project Pony? (Results - 395 votes)
 Have you ever had a MLP birthday party? (Results - 323 votes)
 Which is the only *correct* Birthday Pony name? (Results - 341 votes)
 It's official Tux and Satin and Lace will marry! Who will Tux ask to be his best man at the wedding? (Results - 286 votes)
 Which is your favorite sitting pony? (Results - 301 votes)
 Your favorite generation? (Results - 370 votes)
 Love Wishes or Sun Shimmer? (Results - 324 votes)
 Which are you the most opposed to for G3 Males? (Results - 383 votes)
 What are you looking forward to the most? (Results - 388 votes)
 How many of the 6 Mountain Boys have freckles? (Results - 133 votes)
 Who is the G3 with a tongue showing? (Results - 307 votes)
 Which are you most looking forward to being released? (Results - 195 votes)
 Happy Holidays from MLP Arena! Did you get ponies as gifts? (Results - 323 votes)
 Did Kmart close in your area? (Results - 231 votes)
 Will MLP be on your holiday want list? (Results - 395 votes)
 What Do All The G2 Ponies Have In Common? (Results - 400 votes)
 Precious Pocket Ponies come with ponywear that has a pocket for a stuffed doll/animal friend! (Results - 227 votes)
 One of the ponies below was not part of the first six released by Hasbro! Do you know which one? (Results - 308 votes)
 Which first set Jewel is your favorite? (Results - 153 votes)
 Which pony type is your favorites so far? Add a comment if you'de like! (Results - 204 votes)
 Did you enjoy the new video, Dancing in the Clouds? (Results - 245 votes)
 True or False: The new Jewel ponies have jewels on both sides? (Results - 370 votes)
 MLP TRIVIA: Which is *not* a G3 pony? (Results - 364 votes)
 Sparkle or Jewel ponies? If you could only have one set, which would it be? (Results - 189 votes)
 Do you own a G1 Peachy? (Results - 350 votes)
 Would you like to see MLP Arena raffle a mail order Rapunzel? (Results - 283 votes)
 Who has five legs on their backcard? (Results - 239 votes)
 Pony Trivia: Which Flutter Pony was released in the Slumber Party Gift Pack? (Results - 293 votes)
 What's Your Name? (Results - 407 votes)
 Are you overwhelmed by all the recent new releases from Hasbro? (Results - 259 votes)
 We All Love Them But Who's Your Favorite? (Results - 301 votes)
 Which of these names would Hasbro most likely use for a new G3 pony? (Results - 410 votes)
 So, what's everyone's favorite? (Results - 432 votes)
 What Will Your New Year's Resolution Be? (Results - 250 votes)
 Do you believe in Santa Clause? (Results - 204 votes)
 If you were a pony would you rather be: (Results - 450 votes)
 What would you do if Martha Stewart discovered the art of MLP customizing? (Results - 256 votes)
 Who Is Your Favorite First Edition Princess? (Results - 240 votes)
 What's the UGLIEST kind of pony? (Results - 643 votes)
 Whats Your Connection Speed? (Results - 182 votes)
 One of these things is not like the other... (Results - 250 votes)
 Yikes! There's a Fakey Among Us... (Results - 445 votes)
 What do you think about this site? (Results - 225 votes)

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