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Today at 07:36:45 AM by WingsOfMasquerade
Views: 7 | Comments: 0

It's that holly-jolly wintery time of year!
Do you have a holiday display or set up anywhere in your house featuring Christmas regular ponies or HQg1s? Can I see it? I want to get even more into the season if possible with fun inspiration.

What do you do with your holiday ponies?
I put mine away rather than keeping them out all year.
Do you have a certain way to display them?
I put mine on the edge of my dresser because there's no-where else really to go...but I just stack them on permanent boxes that get packed away too.
Do you have all of them?
I just added santa Minty ville, but I still need Jingle Jangle. Then, I think I will have every holiday pony.

Pony Tree:
This tinsel tree ...
Sapphire Rain
Yesterday at 11:46:33 PM by Sapphire Rain
Views: 33 | Comments: 2

Forgive any formatting, spelling etc errors as I am on mobile. I will check over everything and correct any mistakes when I get home. That and clicking “post” too early.

I’m looking to trade duplicate dog tags for any I don’t yet have, the ones I have currently available are as follows.

Series 2
Cheese Sandwich x2
Power ponies x2
Daring Do
Maud Pie
“Free yourself from your cutie mark”
Apple Bloom

MLP The Movie
Storm King
Cards: Tempest, Spike, Boyle

Series 1

Now as for my wishlist, these are from the best of my memory, so again if you see something suddenly disappear it’s because I’m fix...
Yesterday at 11:38:09 PM by PastelPeaches | Views: 70 | Comments: 4

I feel my first post was pretty confusing so edited it to get to point.
Also once again if this is in the wrong place please delete or move and I'm sorry  :blink:
3 Newbie questions:

Is  a rare pony just an expensive pony or does it just simply mean hard to find ATM?

Is there a guide to pony lingo for newbies?

What do you consider the top 10 rare ponies in the USA (not nirvana)? Just for fun.
Yesterday at 08:11:22 PM by kellybates1993
Views: 105 | Comments: 10

they aren't 100% accurate, i have alot of learning to do but I'm pretty proud of them ill deffo be making more,
they are made from resin so they are much more durable than the originals,  i think with some practice they'll be really close  thanks for looking ! xx  :biggrin:
Yesterday at 06:37:10 PM by kingluke
Views: 50 | Comments: 2

Hello everyone,

I'm eyeing my favourite set of newborn twins and I was wondering what a fair price is for both of them.
Does anyone know? They are in decent condition.

Also, recently the jewel babies have been popping up in my area. I got baby sapphire in good condition for 50 euro's. Baby ruby is selling for the same price.
My question, did I overpay?
Hope you all can answer



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